What Are The Most Trending Shoes to Step Into this Summer?

Trending Shoes
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There are a plethora of trending shoes that you can buy and step into this summer. Some are simply beautiful to look at; some are layered with all that pop art, and others are so comfortable you can sleep with them on. But they all have one thing in common, that is you can wear them anywhere. And I literally mean anywhere.

To that long-awaited dinner with relatives and friends. To the official seminar arranged by the office. No better time to update your footwear than now, and for that very purpose, we have got a brilliant selection of shoes for you this year. 

Sandals and Flats

So what do you do when we take you by the arm and leave you standing at the edge of an ocean of shoes? You begin at the very basics. Take the most reliable summer classic, the sandals. Now pair them with your best raffia hat. A smock dress will also go quite nicely. And if you are of the mind, also get a fishnet tote to go along with it.

Now designers have ensured there are various kinds of sandals for you to choose from. You can wear leather thongs this year or decide elevated colorful platforms are just your style this summer. This is a playful, jolly season, after all. Just give it that laidback energy vibe and fill your shoe rack with espadrille wedges and clogs as well. Trending shoes for women contain these styles. 

Sandals and Flats
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If you are not a masochistic brute from some Quentin Tarantino feature, you would know that closed shoes in hot weather are a strict no-no. Moreover, wear them, and you are likely doomed. I remember going to college in the summer wearing tight sneakers. I kid you not. The stench when I pulled them off could have put a rotten corpse to shame. 

Now crocs may have gained some fashion status during the recent pandemic, but come on now, you can certainly do better than an ugly pair of crocs. Moreover, flats are the way to go in summer. Invest in a good pair of slip-on Tkees and Birks; you are set for the entire season. You can go anywhere and do anything wearing flats, whether it is a trip to the grocery store or to the pedicure parlor. It is a tried and tested fact that flats never let the owner down. 

Trending Shoes

Platforms and Clogs

Platform sandals are a really good investment in the summertime. Not just by way of style and aesthetics but efficiency. Basically, what a platform sandal is; it raises your feet by considerable inches without sacrificing comfort. This is, in turn, useful in several ways. First, you can now avoid that deadly mud splatter from stray pools of dirt on the street.

Next, you can feel taller as you walk among the crowd, and we don’t need to tell you how that is a great confidence boost. And my oh my, these beauties come in many shapes and sizes. Furthermore, try Mango’s leather slide or if the play doesn’t suit you, go for Ancient Greek Sandal’s thong sandal. You get your money’s worth either way. You can even find them in trending shoes 2021. 

Platforms and Clogs
Credit: Cosmopolitan

The clog sandal is another little beauty that you can wear this summer. They are light and if you worry about the aesthetics, Madewell has fisherman’s sandals that you can wear with the addition of a slingback and a cushioned footbed. Some Nike trending shoes may help in this direction. 


1. What material shoes to wear in summer?

Wear shoes made of suede or nubuck.

2. Is it okay to wear shoes in summer?

It is, but make sure you wear flats and not sneakers. 

3. Do sandals keep your feet cool?

Yes sandals keep your feet cool.

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