4 Tools To Use Before Launching Your Next Fundraiser

Fundraiser integration software

When the time comes that your nonprofit organization begins gearing up for a big fundraiser, you need to make sure you set the stage for success. Today’s marketing landscape is dotted with various tools that can be employed both in preparation for and at the start of the process. Whatever tools you use, you need to make certain to act strategically and systematically. The following tools will work well within a structured approach.

  1. Integrate Your Nonprofit Donor Management Software Systems

It is important that all members of your advancement team can work together. In order to meet this goal, they need access to software pieces that also work together seamlessly. Fortunately, some current data management software implementations work with fundraising management software solutions. You can now readily integrate Blackbaud Salesforce with Raiser’s Edge to gain the benefits of both concurrently. This smooth cohesion does require using an integration service to perform the matching; fortunately, the training and support that integration services provide will enhance your fundraising preparation efforts.

  1. Benefits of Nonprofit Cloud Integration Software

When you are ready to take integration and preparation to the next level, you should consider using an integration service that focuses on cloud platforms. Moving your operations online frees up your teams to focus on work rather than troubleshooting hardware and software interface issues and dealing with slow data results; they can put all their attention on fundraising preparations instead. Nonprofit cloud integration software allows for safe, powerful and smooth data movement and storage. Your data will always be backed up and your onsite workstations will be freed from having to run resource-intensive programs.

  1. Prepare Email Outreach Strategies

First points-of-contact are crucial when reaching out to donors. That is why you need to make certain that online communications are effective both in the message they present and the feedback they enable. If your emails do not hit the targets you need, you will waste this valuable resource. Start by investigating email services designed to provide analytic results. If you can track various metrics through your email chains, you can truly narrow your outgoing messages so that they reach your intended audiences. Otherwise, they will end up in virtual trash bins.

  1. Refocus Your Website for the Initiative 

Your organization’s website is a crucial tool as you get ready for your campaign. While this concept may seem obvious to some marketing leaders, too often the organization’s website is given only perfunctory attention as a marketing asset. This is unfortunate since potential donors will use the website to get a feel for the organization. In this case, you do not want to bury the lead; your upcoming campaign should be on the opening page, with links to the positive anecdotal successes your organization has pulled off.

Nonprofit institutions and organizations planning large capital campaigns often need to start preparations years in advance. They should start by purchasing and customizing the nonprofit donor management software that will be used and around which everything else is based. As a nonprofit leader, once you have initiated the process, you can give your team the tools to make the fundraising initiative a success.

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