How to Make Google Voice 3 Way Call ☎?

Google Voice 3 Way Call

Are you willing to do a google voice 3 way call but need to know how to do it? Conference calls no longer remained magic now. The majority of people opt for this option regularly in their life. Google voice for conference calls has emerged as a straightforward solution for users. The article is designed to assist all those eager to know about google voice three-way calls in detail.

What is Google Voice 3 Way Call?

Google Voice 3-way call is an audio call that involves multiple participants in it. Google offers the facility of holding and attending conference calls without charging extra charges. It has become one of the easiest ways to do meetings and conferences while sitting in the comfort of your home.

One needs to hold or join the meeting using the dialing number to enable convenient access. Once done with it, it will further connect you with the different participants through the conference bridge. The best thing about the conference bridge thus developed here is that it features virtual rooms where multiple people can quickly join or host the meetings conveniently.

Google Voice Conference Calls

Google voice calls previously used google hangouts for completing conference calls. Google hangouts have recently been replaced by google chats, which has made the game much more accessible. One doesn’t need a separate or dedicated conference line to host or join the Call. Whenever you make a conference or three-way Call through google voice, it offers you a dedicated space within your google account that you can use anytime, anywhere you want for hosting the conference call.

Things need to have for seamless Google Voice 3-Way Call

For establishing a successful Google Voice 3-way call here, the main things you need to have are:

Google Voice Account

Google Voice Account is one of the most important things one needs to have to enable a successful conference call. Before setting up the conference call, sign in to your Google account and use the preferred Google Voice numbers.

Dedicated device

One can easily use iOS and Android devices to establish successful Google Voice 3-way calls.

Stable internet connection

Perfect devices alone can only do something once you have an active internet connection to attend the calls. Google Voice is a cloud-based service that includes all of its functions over the cloud. To run it successfully, a reliable connection is a foremost thing one needs to have.

How to make a conference call with Google Voice?

Making conference calls using Google voice is not a big task. One can easily do it by using a few tricks and tips. Here we provide different methods for making google voice 3-way calls effectively.

Google Calendar Invite

Before initiating the Google Voice 3-way Call, ensure everyone knows about it. Conference calls usually take a longer time. To make your conference call successful, ensure everyone there knows about it perfectly so they can clear their schedule before hopping on the rings. 

  • Make sure each of the participants has your Google number and the time of your Call as well. One can quickly press 5 to add every subsequent Call on it.
  • Once done with it, create a Google Calendar invite and add Google Voice Conference Calling as an event.
  • Now send this invite to your guests through customized messages. 
  • One can even send a message or email telling them about the intent.

Customized day workflows

One can easily customize the Google Voice call for daily workflows. Such calls involve an admin who controls the center and allows other users to customize number assignments, protecting, auto attendance, call forwarding, and reeling from a single location.

Assign your Google Voice numbers to the different users.

Link multiple phone numbers

Google Voice users can use their phone numbers for hosting and receiving calls and texts. Users can easily link up to six phone numbers to enable a successful Google Voice 3-way call. The things you have to do to link up the new phone number in your Google Voice account are:

  • Launch your Google Voice account and then go to the Settings option.
  • Now select the option saying New Linked Number from the Linked Number menu.
  • Once done, enter the new phone number you are willing to add to your Google Voice account.
  • Upon the successful completion of the above process, Google will send you a six-digit code at your registered mobile number.
  • Now enter that code in Google Voice to move further with the process.
  • It was once done. Now hit the Verify button and successfully confirm multiple phone numbers linking.
  • Bingo! You have successfully linked a new number to Google Voice now.

Keep safe

Safety is the primary concern for everyone out there. Spam calls have become quite common these days. The number of scammers and spammers has rapidly risen in the last few years. These scams kill the productivity of the person and expose them to potential scams.

Google Voice is a secure platform that keeps you safe from spam and scams. The platform uses artificial intelligence technology that automatically filters out spam calls, making it an excellent platform to work on. Using this incredible platform, one can easily monitor spam calls, texts, and voicemail.

Call Recording

Google Voice offers users the freedom to record calls conveniently. It is a single-click process where you need to press the 4 number from your dial pad to allow things to happen conveniently. Once you do with it, an automated announcement will play for all conference participants, who will be informed about the call recording. One can quickly stop the call recording again by pressing the four here. 


So, Guys! It is all about Google Voice 3 ways calls. Making voice calls through a google voice account has no longer remained a tricky task. It is a simple and easy process that only requires a very few clicks to make it. Google voice is a cloud-based service that can be established successfully only when you have a reliable and active internet connection.

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