The Best VA Loans in Texas to Help You Find Your Forever Home

VA Loans in Texas

If you are retiring from military service and would like to have a place to call home, VA loans in Texas can help you find the best housing situation for you and your family. Texas welcomes veterans with open arms and many benefits, including home loans from private lenders that are backed by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

VA mortgages can help save you money in the long run by offering more competitive interest rates, a lower monthly payment, and no down payment needed.

It is important to understand what a VA loan includes such as No Down Payment, Lower Interest Rates, No Private Mortgage Insurance, Lenient Credit Requirements, Flexible Refinancing Options etc.

Texas also comes with many ideal opportunities for former military families who need a place to settle down in and build a future. Not only does the state have many private lenders who offer VA loans, but also the state currently has a booming economy. From tech jobs to military-adjacent types of work, you and your family can find stable job opportunities that can keep your family afloat.

The state also offers many new homes in suburban areas around cities such as Austin, Houston, and Dallas. A VA home loan can help you acquire one of these homes as a primary residence, while helping you acquire a manageable monthly payment.

What VA Loan Works for Me?

There are many types of VA loans available to active duty service members and retired members of the United States military and the national guard. A home purchase comes in many different forms. Don’t feel limited to just one way of getting your dream home.

Texas veterans can apply for the following loans:

  1. A VA loan to buy a home
  2. A VA loan to build a home, or a VA construction loan
  3. A VA loan to renovate a fixer upper, or a VA renovation loan
  4. A Texas Veterans Land Board Loan, or a loan that helps veterans to buy certain amounts of land to build on

The first three VA loans are meant for primary residences only. These kinds of VA loan come with specific benefits, like no private mortgage insurance, no down payment, and competitive interest rates.

A conventional loan from a private lender often requires private mortgage insurance, a down payment, and a higher credit score than a VA loan would. If you have just left the active service and would like to start a new life, a VA loan can save you money and help you build home equity sooner.

VA Home Loans to Buy a House

Walk into a purchase agreement on a home in Texas and feel confident with a VA loan behind you. Mortgage companies tend to look at only your income and your credit score before considering a loan limit to make a home purchase.

A loan officer that offers VA loans will still need a credit score and proof of income, but they will examine your entire financial history, not just one element.

While a private lender determines the limits for a VA mortgage, Texas VA loan limits don’t exist for veterans with full entitlement. If a veteran already has a VA loan that they still need to pay off, loan limits begin to kick in, based on the remaining entitlement left over.

VA loan benefits help to keep Texas’ vast community of veterans united. Home loans are just the beginning.

VA Construction Loans from Private Lenders

Building a home that is meant to fit your needs and your family’s needs can help VA buyers to feel that their move will be more permanent. Fortunately for any active duty service member or retired veteran, a VA construction loan in Texas helps them achieve that goal. This home loan allows them to design the home of their dreams, at more favorable terms.

Texas boasts a vibrant new home construction industry, with many building new homes in suburban areas to be close to the schools and work of their choice. While most lenders may give some hurdles for a construction loan, a VA loan has better eligibility requirements for those with a certificate of eligibility.

Need to Renovate with a VA Home Loan?

VA loans for renovation come in many forms for active service members and retired military members and their surviving spouses. If you already own a home and have a mortgage, you can refinance your home loan and get the amount of money you need to get renovations.

Other forms of renovation loan allow you to purchase a home that needs some care. You are then eligible for a renovation loan backed by the US government that allows you to make the needed changes to that home to make it livable.

Qualify to Buy Land Thanks to the Texas VA Loan Program

The state of Texas comes with many benefits that create homes and communities to keep veterans united. Home loans may make sense for Texas veterans looking for a home, but the state also allows eligible Texas veterans to purchase land at an attractive interest rate, under $150,000.

Military personnel can use this opportunity to buy land to build a house on, or even use it for investment properties. Other VA home loans do not allow veterans to use them on any other residence that isn’t primary.

These kinds of loans available to those who have left active duty come with different terms than other VA loans.

How Can Texas Veterans Get a VA Home Loan?

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Any borrower will need a certificate of eligibility before applying for a Texas VA loan. This VA certificate shows how much entitlement a borrower has to lenders, which affects how much they are eligible to purchase.

A veteran will also need to provide their credit score, financial history, proof of income, and term of repayment to a lender to determine how much they qualify for.

Is There a Texas Cash Out Refinance Loan?

There is no such thing as a Texas VA cash out refinance loan, due to state regulations. This type of loan is available in other states, but no Texas veteran is eligible for this kind of loan.

Texas VA Mortgage Benefits

Besides the amazing communities of veterans in Texas, those who apply for a VA mortgage can also enjoy other benefits. Some of these benefits are specific to Texas, including:

Property Tax Exemption

Disabled veterans may not have to pay property taxes based on their disability. If they have a full, 100 percent disability, they may be eligible for no property taxes.

If their disability is only a percentage, then certain VA buyers may have to ask their lender how much to expect each year.

No Prepayment Penalty

Any loan backed by the Department of Veterans Affairs does not include a prepayment penalty, meaning that you can pay off the loan in full when you want to without incurring fine or additional fees.

This makes it easier to pay off a mortgage and gain home equity for financial stability.

Competitive Interest Rate

Whether you need a good interest rate on a mortgage or are looking to refinance, VA loans offer some of the most advantageous interest rates in the world of finance. Your lender can help you get a better idea of how much you will pay over time.

Security America Mortgage Offers A Chance for a VA Home Loan in Texas

Security America Mortgage works to offer loans backed by the Department of Veterans Affairs to veterans in Texas who want a chance at a home. A VA home loan offers financial flexibility, stability, and competitive monthly payments to all those who have a certificate of eligibility. Call today to discuss a VA home loan with Security America Mortgage!

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