Doreen Lioy: The Life Of The Wife Of Serial Killer Richard Ramirez

Doreen Lioy
Credit: The US sun

Most of us are fascinated with the stories of serial killers like Richard Ramirez and hence it is natural to wonder about Doreen Lioy. Well, she is the wife of Richard Ramirez. They had unique chemistry to reckon with.

Starting from their love story to their entire courtship, everything is very interesting. Are you curious about Doreen Lioy 2019? We have got you covered if you wish to know more.

In this article, we shall explore some interesting aspects of Doreen Lioy like where is Doreen Lioy today and so on. 

So read this article with precision to know more about this case. We promise to provide you with some interesting vignettes.

As the wife of Richard Ramirez
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As the wife of Richard Ramirez

As the wife of Richard Ramirez Doreen Lioy is primarily known. Therefore, her very existence depends on him. People know Richard as the Night stalker. In the annals of serial killing history, his name shall be written in red letters. Hence this shows how much significant he was.

Therefore as his wife, Doreen Lioy Richard Ramirez is an interesting figure. You must be wondering how this relationship came about. It is natural to think about it as it is really curious who will marry a serial killer. Turns out, countless people actually wish to. Yes, we were shocked to see this as well.

You see, serial killers are fascinating individuals. Hence many people strive to be close to them. There is something psychologically fascinating about such a tendency. But nonetheless such people do exist in reality. Doreen Lioy is one of them. She not only loved Richard but also ended up marrying him.

Relationship story

Their relationship story is a legend. Hence you are up for a thrilling ride now. Well, it all started when fans started writing letters to Richard while he was in jail. He received countless such letters. Our research revealed that criminals getting such letters is a very common occurrence to reckon with. Thus this is how everything started.

Doreen Lioy started writing to him. Slowly a bond between the two started developing. Soon it turned out to be a romantic story. She wrote over 75 letters. Can you imagine the volume of such letters? Thus this shows her commitment.

Fortunately, her efforts did not go wasted. Ramirez proposed to her soon. It happened in 1988. The couple then married in 1996. The wedding sent shockwaves across the nation.

Relationship story
Credit: the US Sun

How Doreen justified the marriage?

We already stated how the marriage sent shockwaves through the nation. Hence there must be some justification in doing so. Let us then find out what Doreen had to say.

“I can’t help the way the world looks at him. They don’t know him the way I do.”

Early life

Very little is known about her early life. She went on to become a journalist. Many close people to her remember her as a loner. Thus this might be a possible explanation for her fascination with Ramirez.

Unusual relationship

The relationship between Ramirez and Doreen can only be stated in a single word and that is “unusual”. Rest we live it to your judgment.

Unusual relationship
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1. Where is Doreen Lioy today?

Currently, there are no whereabouts of Doreen Lioy to reckon with. She has kept much information away from the general public. Hence it is not possible to comment on this accurately.

2. What happened to Doreen Lioy?

After the death of Richard Ramirez, Doreen Lioy went on to live isolated. Hence we do not know what eventually happened to her after the death of her husband.

3. Did Doreen Lioy sell Richard’s ashes?

The location of his ashes is not known. So it will not be wise to speculate whether she sold the ashes or not.

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