Cassie Euphoria Might Be Pregnant, Fans Suggest

Cassie Euphoria
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Cassie Euphoria might be pregnant; fans must say this for the character. We all know that Euphoria is a show that quickly spins out of control and has its extremely dramatic moments. But one of the most dramatic characters in it is Cassie. Sure, she hooked up with Nate on New Year’s Eve in what appears to be one of the most cringe scenes in the show.

However, this apparently is not enough. The fans have come up with a theory that might shake things up violently if they are right. According to them, Cassie is not pregnant with Nate’s child. Quite the shocker, eh? We discuss the crazy theory some more in the following paragraphs. 

The Fan Theory

The Fan Theory

Let us tell at the very onset if this theory turns out to be right, Maddy will lose his shit because both of them betrayed her. So what happened was that in episode 4 of the second season, Cassie drinks excessively and vomits when Maddy talks to her about having babies together. The first question that instantly pops to mind is why such a grisly reaction. 

They are in a pretty steady relationship, and it is quite normal for couples to discuss the future. Then what’s with all the vomiting? This is where some fans interpreted the scene as a sign of pregnancy. Even in the second episode, Nate dreams about marrying Cassie and starting a family with her. Moreover, we see Cassie pregnant with a prosthetic belly in the very same scene. There might be a nugget of truth in there. Sydney Sweeney, who plays Cassie Euphoria in season 2, says shooting the scene was absolute chaos. 

The director handed her a different bottle to drink from in every scene, so at the end of it, she definitely looked drunk to the very gills. There was no doubt in the minds of anyone who saw her guzzling all that alcohol. She was now barely coherent. Also, for the throwing-up scene in the bathtub, Sweeney got a piece of revolting material that she had to put inside her mouth and wait for the right moment to spew it over everyone else. It sounds disgusting, but it does the job at the same time. 

The Series

The Series

As for going topless in some scenes of the show, she said the creators of the show were really cool with her objections. For example, if she read the script and decided she did not need to go nude in it, she had the freedom to express that. And the director Sam Levinson respected her choice by removing the scenes from the episode.

Euphoria fans have praised the show for its uncensored take on teenage life with its unsanitized and often sexually explicit content. And to put it bluntly, Cassie is topless quite a bit. This just goes on to show just how much adult content the creators put into the show when Sweeney requested them to take some off. Seeing Cassie Euphoria naked remains a highlight. 

Having said that, there are still some scenes where Cassie Euphoria actress Sweeney has celebrated her nudity and said she doesn’t believe in the stigma where if a male celebrity shows his topless body he is praised and even wins accolades. But at the same time, if a woman does the same, she is derided. This show changed all that for her. 


1. Does Cassie get pregnant in Euphoria?

It is a popular fan theory which is unlikely to be true. 

2. Did Cassie get an abortion?

Cassie gets an abortion even though she wants the baby. 

3. What happens to Cassie’s pregnancy in Euphoria?

McKay says she doesn’t want to raise the baby and thus she has an abortion.

4. Who plays Cassie Euphoria?

Sydney Sweeney plays Cassie. 

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