🎅 Christmas Gifts for Homebrewers That Cost Less Than $100

Christmas gifts for homebrewers

The winter holiday season came, as usual, “completely unexpectedly”. So, many friends of beer connoisseurs are interested in the question – which Christmas gifts for homebrewers to choose if you have only $100?

There are many beer lovers. But only a few treat this ancient drink with special reverence. For those willing to surprise their loved beer geeks on Christmas or New Year and present a new exciting thing, follow the selection of gift ideas for beer lovers for every taste and budget.

Coopers Beer Kits and Refills

If you know that your friend wants to start homebrewing but does not dare in any way, the Coopers Beer Kits and refills will become the perfect choice. It is a universal, inexpensive gift for any lover of a foamy drink, a great chance to try to make beer at home, even if a person does not know how (everyone can handle the instructions).

DIY beer kits and refills include everything you need to start homebrewing: extract and yeast, a brew enhancer, and carbonation drops. There are also refill packs with a brewing mixing spoon, bottles with caps, Coopers beer hydrometer. You can select the type of kit based on preferences and tastes – Dark Ale, Pale Ale, etc.

Brooklyn Brew Shop Kits and Mixes

An equally exciting gift is the craft beer brewing kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop. The brand’s trademark is that all the equipment in any set is reusable.

Tap Handles

Does your loved one prefer uniqueness? Check out the custom tap handles for home bars, restaurants or pubs presented at Beverage Craft online store. Their range of products will help you choose the most original and helpful gift for any homebrewer.

Party Pumps

Whether you are a newbie or a beer enthusiast, throwing a beer party is easy as long as you have the right equipment, such as a party keg pump.

Jockey Boxes

A portable keg is indispensable for a true beer fan. Jockey boxes will preserve all the positive qualities of a natural drink, prevent it from heating up and allow you to enjoy every sip of beer even in the wilderness.