How To Use Say Caller Name iPhone Feature On Any iOS Device?

Say caller name iPhone

Did you know that there’s an announce calls feature in the iOS devices that you can use to make your iPhone say caller name or number? You can make iPhone say caller name iPhone or number pretty easily. In fact, with this, the iPhone can speak caller name or the number whenever you will get an incoming call on your phone. 

So, how does this work, and how you can even enable this feature? Well, in this article, we will share everything there’s to know about say caller name iPhone feature. Moreover, we will also provide you with the info as to how to make the most of this feature in the long run. 

Few Things To Know About This Awesome Caller Name Feature On iPhone

We, the users of the iPhone love the voice of Siri, right? Now, what if we tell you that she can now inform whenever someone’s calling you. In fact, let’s say, you are taking a bath and suddenly a call comes. Well, under normal circumstances you won’t be able to tell who’s calling. 

However, this say caller name iPhone feature allows you to know exactly who’s calling. Why? Well, Siri will announce their name in her voice. Moreover, if the contact happens to be on your contact list then she will also call her name. On the other hand, if the caller is not on your list then she will just announce that you have received the call from an unknown Caller or source.

Therefore, we can see that this say caller name iPhone feature is a handy one. Especially if you are busy or riding a car. So, let’s find out how you can enable this feature in your iPhone device easily with a few simple tricks. 

This Is How you Make Your iPhone Announce Incoming Calls

Do you want Siri to announce the incoming calls for you? Well, it’s an easy trick and something that’s pretty useful as well. So, all you have to do is to follow these quick and easy steps to make Siri announce incoming calls for you. 

  • Open the Settings option in your iPhone and then scroll down and tap on ‘Phone’.
  • Thereafter, you need to tap on the Announce Calls option which is under the Calls section.
  • Next, you can select when you want your iPhone device to announce the Caller’s name or number from the options. 

There are a few options to choose from so let’s take a look at them quickly.

  1. Always

It’s true that with this say caller name iPhone feature, your iPhone will always announce the Caller’s name or number even if you have plugged in a headphone. 

  1. Headphones & Car

So, if you choose this option then the iPhone device will announce the calls only when you have headphones plugged in or if you are inside a car.

  1. Headphones Only

Next, we have another option and if you choose this one then your device will announce caller names only when you use headphones.

How To Stop The iPhone Caller Name Announce Feature

If you find this feature a bit annoying then there are tricks to stop it as well. So, you can easily stop the say caller name iPhone feature if you follow these steps.

  • Go to the Settings in your iPhone and then tap on the Phone option.
  • Thereafter go to the Announce Calls option like you did the previous time. 
  • Next, you need to tap on the ‘Never’ option to stop this feature. 

So, we can see that it’s pretty simple to turn off this feature if you wish to. However, a lot of people have found this feature quite interesting.

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