Ralphie May Wife Lahna Turner’s Life Facts, Marriage & More

Ralphie May wife

Lahna Turner is a famous US comedian, singer, actress, and also producer. In addition, she’s also quite popular as Ralphie May wife. Needless to say but she’s one of the beloved comedians in America. She holds back nothing while entertaining her audience with her sharp wit, hilariousity, and quirky jokes. Furthermore, she has grabbed the limelight following her appearances on several channels like VH1.

As we said earlier, she’s quite popular as Ralphie May wife. Ralphie May is the late American Stand up comedian and actor who left this world in 2017, October. Fans admired him a lot for his comedy specials. Since his wife Lahna was also famous, the fans called them a power couple in the entertainment industry.

However, everything wasn’t smooth in Ralphie May and his wife Lahna Turner’s life. In other words, for some reason, they decided to part ways. A lot of questions were also asked about this decision. So, if you want to know about Ralphie May wife’s life and also their relationship, then go through this article. Here we will share with you everything that you need to know about their relationship and how it came to an end.

Lahna Turner Shared A 10 Year-Long Marital Bond With Ralphie

According to the sources, Lahna Turner remained married to Ralphie till his death. Of course, it’s true that they went their separate ways for about two years. However, the duo dated for a lot of years before they eventually exchanged vows on 3rd July 2005. According to the facts, the couple met for the first time at an open mic event in Houston’s Laff Stop.

Two years after their marriage, the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter, whom they named April June May on 5th September 2007. The sources tell us that roughly two years later, they welcomed their second baby, August James May, on 24th June 2009.

Ralphie May wife Lahna shared an amazing bond for 10 years. In their long marital journey, they faced a lot of sweet and sour memories. However, the irreconcilable differences became the prime reason that destroyed what they had built for all those years. Since then, Lahna sought physical custody and also joint legal custody of the two kids.

They Couldn’t Finalize Their Divorce

So, as we mentioned earlier, after 10 years of togetherness, Ralphie May wife, Lahna Turner filed for divorce in 2015. It was an irreconcilable difference in opinion that ended their marriage. In fact, it’s also worth noting that Lahna was very vocal about her relationship. She grieved the end of their beautiful reunion.

Moreover, Lahna even requested spousal support, physical custody, and legal joint legal custody for the two kids. According to her, Ralphie May was physically abusive. Furthermore, she even added that Ralphie was fond of drugs, and he was also suicidal. He couldn’t be trusted around the kids as well. Eventually, Lahna came to the decision of ending the ties.

Ralphie May wife Death & How It Brought An End To Their Marriage

So, as it happens, Ralphie May wife Lahna couldn’t finalize the divorce with her husband after all, as Ralphie died from a cardiac arrest at the age of 45 on 6th October 2017. According to the sources, he was suffering from pneumonia for weeks.

It’s true that the duo had a messy exchange following their decision to end the ties. Despite that, Ralphie’s death was a tough one for Lahna to swallow. After the confirmation of his death, she publicly proclaimed her love for the man. She said that nobody had ever made her laugh or cry the way he did.

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