How to Choose the Right PTAC for You

Choose the Right PTAC

When the temperature and humidity rise, it doesn’t take long for your home to become uncomfortable in the absence of a reliable cooling system. As such, one of the most effective ways to change that and ensure you can remain content throughout the summer is with a good PTAC unit. 

There is a huge range of different units to choose from, so much so that it can become difficult to decide which is actually right for you. As such, the below guide will help you choose the right PTAC unit, depending on your region, room size, and noise level. 

What is a PTAC Unit? 

PTAC stands for packaged terminal air conditioner; these are a type of ductless cooling and heating unit. Because of how convenient they are to install and move, they are found commonly in homes, hotels, and motels so that people can simply adjust the climate of their room without impacting the rest of the building. 

How to Choose the Right PTAC Unit for You 

Sites such as PTAC Inc. have a huge array of different units, and as such, it can be difficult when shopping to isolate which is right for you. When purchasing a PTAC, you should consider: 

Your Region 

An effective way of narrowing down your search is by taking into consideration where you live. How often does the area you live in get hot? Will your unit need to be able to heat as well as cool? All of this information will become incredibly valuable when you are picking a system. 

Room Size 

In order to properly determine the correct PTAC unit for you, take the time to work out the square footage of the room you will use it in. PTAC’s come in a variety of different sizes, so one that’s too small could prove to be ineffective, while one that’s too big could be impractical and unsightly.

Noise Level

Some units generate more noise than others, so it would be a smart move to consider some of the reviews of the product in question to gauge just how much noise you can expect it to make. This is especially important if you are a light sleeper or work from home and will likely be taking calls during the day. 


The prospective voltage of the unit will change depending on where you are planning on putting it. If you are shopping for a home unit, it will likely be around 208/240; however, if you are looking to buy for commercial space, your unit will be around 265/277 volts. 


Probably one of the most important factors is the cost of your unit. Be sure to take time to decide on a budget for yourself. You will need to factor in the cost of other accessories such as an external grill and a wall sleeve. Do not forget to take account of the energy costs as well as PTAC Units can sometimes use a lot of energy that will eventually factor into the overall cost.