Does Your iPhone Keep Disconnecting From WiFi During Facetime? Check Out The Possible Causes & Their Solutions

iPhone keeps disconnecting from WIFI

There are iPhone users who have reported the titular problem. In other words, their iPhone keeps disconnecting from WIFI during facetime and Audio calls. Well, we can surely tell that this is a problem and it’s also something that needs a fix. 

So, in this article, we will provide you with some explanation about this problem. In addition, we will also try to locate the causes and offer possible solutions. So, now’s the time to follow this article, if you wish to know why iPhone keeps disconnecting from wifi. 

Why Does Facetime Disconnect From WIFI?

As we said earlier, a lot of users have complained that their iPhone keeps disconnecting from wifi during facetime sessions. So, according to the experts, this problem is due to the WIfi Assist feature. It tries to switch the iPhone from WiFi to a Cellular network. This is the reason why this problem may occur from time to time. 

However, if the problem persists even after disabling this Wifi assist feature, then you have to do some digging. In other words, there could be other reasons for this issue. So, let’s check out a few ways to fix this network connection problem. 

These Are A Few Ways To Fix This Error

So, as we said earlier, there are a few methods you can try out to see if the error persists. Without further ado, let’s take a look at them.

  1. Turn Off The WIFI Assist

First of all, you should try to turn off the wifi assist feature and try. In order to do that, you have to go to the settings option. Thereafter, go to the Cellular and then disable the Wifi assist. So, with this, the iPhone won’t switch to the Cellular Network even if the WIFI network fluctuates. 

  1. Renew The DHCP Lease

You can try to obtain a new IP address for your iPhone. If you renew the DHCP lease, this can probably help you to fix the problem. 

  • Go to the Settings and then WIFI.
  • Tap on the WIFI network name. 
  • Thereafter, it’s time to tap on the Renew Lease option & Confirm. 
  1. Disable Your VPN

Sometimes we use a VPN network and it can cause this type of problem. So, if your iPhone keeps disconnecting from wifi during facetime and audio sessions, then try to disable the VPN. In order to disable the VPN, let’s follow these steps.

  • First, you need to go to the Settings option and then move to General. 
  • Thereafter, it’s time to go to the VPN option and move the toggle to the OFF position.
  1. Forget The WIFI Network & Reconnect It

There’s another thing you can do to solve this issue. Note down the password of your wifi and forget the wifi network. Thereafter, you can once again provide the details and reconnect. 

  • Go to the Settings option and tap on WIFI.
  • In WIFI, select your wifi network and tap to forget the network. 
  • Thereafter, you can once again tap on your wifi network and provide the password to reconnect. 
  1. Restart The Router Or Modem

If the above steps didn’t help, then you can try to restart the modem or router. 

  • Switch off the Power supply first and then unplug the power cable of the route. 
  • Thereafter, wait for around a minute and switch on the power supply to the router or modem. 
  1. Reset The Settings Of Network

If nothing solves the issue, then you can try to just reset the network settings. Follow the steps below and reset the settings of your network. 

  • Go to the settings and then tap on General>Reset> Reset network settings.
  • Thereafter, you will see a confirmation pop-up, and then you have to tap on the reset network settings again.

Now try to connect the iPhone to wifi and check if the problem is there or not.

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