Best Gifts for Chess Players 2021

Best Gifts for Chess Players 2021

Are you searching for a gift for a chess lover? Gifting your friends and spouse is a good way to inspire them. Whether it is during thanksgiving, festive season, or birthday, gifts are a great way to show appreciation.

The same case applies in chess. Offering a gift to a chess player upon winning or completing a tournament can inspire them to keep winning. However, choosing a gift for them can be a challenging aspect. Particularly, if it is your first time, you might not be sure what the best award is for them. 

If you have a chess player you want to award, here are some of the best gifts for chess players in 2021:

The Queen’s Gambit novel

Certainly, you are aware of The Queen’s Gambit movie. It is a trending movie on Netflix that reflects everything about chess. Every chess lover would not hesitate to watch it. a good award to a chess player would be a monthly subscription to Netflix. With it, you would help your friends joy their colleagues in enjoying a chess-inspired movie.

However, not everyone loves watching movies. Some people enjoy reading books. The Queen’s Gambit is a novel-turned movie. The movie may have great visuals but lacks the whole story. If your chess player is a book lover, you can get them this novel by Walter Tevis. This way, you will help them get the entire story and enjoy reading a book related to their hobby. 

Good Luck chess socks

Let your chess player friends shine with a chess-inspired outfit. The Good Luck chess socks are a good idea. This pair features chess pieces decorations. They will inspire each chess player to keep on gaming.  

The socks are a perfect choice if you have a fixed budget. Also, any chess player will love them as they believe in good luck. The chess socks match well with other attires. However, you can make the outfit complete by matching the with a chess-inspired tee. So, nothing should hinder you from gifting your best friend. Not even a shoestring budget. 

Move with Purpose Keychain

Every chess player has a purpose. They join a chess tournament with the purpose to win. You can inspire them to keep moving by gifting them with the Move with Purpose Keychain. This pendant features images of chess pieces. It will remind them that their chess game is not in vain but has a specific purpose. Hence, keep the purpose in their mind with this great keychain.

DGT chess set

Are you planning to transform your friends’ chess experience? No better way to do this than awarding them with a DGT chess set. This chess set comes with great features and tech that will change how your friends play chess. It is a great gift for your most valued chess enthusiasts. 

The set will give you a chance to follow and watch your friend while in action. It comes with live broadcasting capabilities and other powerful functionalities. But you need to know that it is not a cheap device. However, if you have the right budget, do not hesitate to take your friends’ chess experience to the next level. 

Chess piece bag

For a chess lover, their chess set is important as your smartphone. They want to have their set at every moment and place they go. You can help to carry their chess set by gifting them with a chess piece bag. The bag will enhance the portability and make them chess players on the go. So, it is a nice Gifts for Chess Players in 2021.

Now, you know what to gift a chess player on their special day. Go shop and surprise them with any of the above gifts.