How to Track Your Website’s SEO Performance?

SEO Performance

One of the main reasons why so many entrepreneurs love to invest their time and energy in SEO is because of the transparency it brings to the table. Unlike old marketing avenues such as print media and television adverts, companies have a clear idea about how their marketing endeavors are doing.

Using different SEO performance metrics, businesses can gauge the effectiveness of their efforts to improve their website’s search engine rankings. Key metrics, such as authority, revenue, orders, leads, engagement, traffic, or rankings, help businesses to derive insights about their corporate strategy moving forward.

They can use these metrics to decide if they would be better off if they hire SEO services. Learn about these metrics in this blog.

Average Session Duration

This metric is important to gauge the quality of your site’s content. By figuring out the average session duration, businesses can identify a trend and fine-tune their content or site’s performance to improve the overall user experience.

For instance, if you have invested in creating a skyscraper long-form blog content but visitors don’t even bother to spend more than 10 seconds on these kinds of pages then either the content is poorly written or long-form content is not for your target audience. If the target market is teenage girls for their cosmetics brand, then they are better off including a lot of infographics.

On the other hand, if the target audience is an engineering firm then content that convinces them about the benefits of your material will work well.  Similarly, if your site takes longer than a few seconds to load, this will discourage people and make them quit the site in favor of a faster-loading site.

It also depends on the type of page. People will spend less time on the contact us pages than they would on the blog section. Using this metric, marketers determine whether or not their websites are providing enough value to keep visitors coming back for more.

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This metric refers to how much of the desired goal or action is being achieved when people visit your site. For instance, if you want to get people to sign up for your weekly newsletter then that to figure out the conversion rate you will have to divide the people who performed the specific action by the number of unique visitors you get to your site. Other milestones that businesses can track are the creation of an account on the site or signing up for a free trial.

Companies that track them can understand the cost of customer acquisition and know what they have to tweak to improve conversions. For example, a company that offers software as a service for online graphic designing for businesses can offer customer-specific discounts on holidays such as Halloween or Christmas to entice more customers to convert. Expert SEO services can help deploy the perfect strategies to boost conversions.

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Scroll Depth and Bounce Rate

If your site’s user experience is poor, visitors will bounce as soon as the web page opens. However, there are several business models where this is not a reliable metric. For instance, if you are a barber shop in your area or a restaurant then people might just want to visit your site to see the address, menu, or duration.

This is why experienced marketers, prefer scroll depth. After enabling scroll depth tracking in your Google Analytics, businesses will be able to see how much visitors scroll down on different web pages. Using this information, they can work on content placement and make their call to action more enticing so that they can continue to scroll down.

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Pages Per Visit

Search engines love to rank content that has internal links in them. That’s because it makes their job easier and gives the reader a sequential step of what content they need to consume. It also validates good quality content for the search engine. A lot of expert’s point to their experience that content pieces that get more than 4 subsequent clicks tend to rank in the 20% of the rankings for that particular keyword, while those that get 5 or 6, tend to do even better.

This also increases the chances of conversions as the longer a person is on a business’s website, the more their trust will grow. Authority sites that recommend to readers about financial products are a good example.

For instance, a site might have a piece that recommends reliable metals exchanges in an area. They might do a follow-up with metal exchanges that help with precious metals IRA and similarly continue doing so with precious metals storage options provider.  However, If the goal of your content pieces is mutually exclusive of other pages then they don’t matter as much.

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Keywords Performance

There are a lot of free and paid tools to check your website’s rankings in the search engine results pages for your target keywords. You can utilize web analytics tools such as Google Analytics .to monitor your website’s traffic levels. You can even go deeper to decipher the incoming traffic.

For instance, you could be getting a ton of traffic, but if you aren’t seeing the conversion then that could mean your traffic isn’t relevant. You might have to start including negative keywords to get rid of irrelevant people. For example, if you are based in Manhattan then you can add geo-specific keywords to avoid traffic from other areas.

Snippet Performance

The higher a website ranks the greater the odds they will receive more traffic. However, some websites still don’t get any traffic even if they are ranked on that keyword. One reason for this could be that the featured snippet is just not appealing enough. This is why you need to track them. When you hire SEO services, they will help identify problems in the featured snippets and help you understand searcher intent better. With better snippets, you will start to get traffic.

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Backlinks Performance

You should also look for the quality and quantity of backlinks pointing to your website from other websites that have relevant content on them. Google sees this as a sign of trust and increases the trustworthiness of your website by boosting its authority score in search results.

An expert SEO services agency can help check where your website’s traffic is coming from using Google Analytics or another web analytics tool. These companies will perform an in-depth backlink analysis to understand the naturalness of the different linking pages. They will use different backlinks data sources to help identify referring domains, as well as help, understand the social share magnitude of your backlinks. They will also help you optimize the anchor texts to maximize the benefits of these backlinks.

Organic Click Through Rate (CTR)

Organic click-through rate refers to how many times users clicked through on an ad that appeared on their screen. This metric can help marketers determine much clicks they are getting organically. Using the information businesses can work on creating better content according to specific audiences based on demographics and interests that are likely to convert into sales.

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