Kirra Hart’s Story: Who Were Her Attackers?

Kirra Hart

Kirra Hart has become a celebrity figure despite being only 14 years old. So, her life story has sparked empathy as well as angriness from people who follow her. Many internet users from all around the globe also demanded justice for her predicament. So, what happened to Kirra in the first place? First of all, you should know that she loves animals a lot and she has two dogs in her house. The names of her dogs are Luna and Milo. 

As a result, she expressed a desire to become a veterinarian in the future. However, everything changed when she was attacked. If you want to know more about Kirra, then you are at the right place. Here we will share some awesome facts about her life. So, now’s the time to follow this article and check out all you need to know about Kira, such as her date of birth, net worth, personal life, and more. 

Who Is Kira? Her Early Life

As we already told you, Kirra Hart has earned recognition as a 14-year-old child. She was subjected to extreme cruelty and heinous acts. While she is still alive, she has suffered severe injuries. So, that’s why, her life story has sparked empathy and angriness from netizens. 

Who Is Kira

According to the reports, Kira was born in the year 2009, in Queensland, Australia, to her parents, Kirsten Hart, and an unknown mother. So, as of 2023, she is around 14 years old as of this writing. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of info available about Kira’s early life. For example, we don’t know which school she went in and other details. 

However, there’s no doubt that she went to a reputed school. So, there are no other details available right now about her early life. Yet, people know her the best because of the heinous stuff that happened to her. So, let’s find all you need to know about her tragedy. 

Personal Life of Kirra Hart

Kirra’s bruises and gashes tell a grave story about the abuses she suffered. So, even though she loves to spend a fascinating time with her family and friends, she was one day attacked by three girls, named Chloe, Shanaya, and Rhynsia. A video about the attack has already been circulated on the internet. So, as we know, she is a lovely girl who mostly enjoys reading books, playing games, and doing other stuff. Moreover, she doesn’t have a boyfriend. 

According to the reports, due to several reasons, she faced a traumatizing situation when three girls attacked her. So, she suffered from multiple fractures, including a broken arm, and deep gashes which required surgery. Her parents also had to admit her to a hospital after they found her in a bleeding and rough state. 

What’s worse, the attackers were filming a video the entire time for fun. One of the three girls also posted that video on Instagram saying that they “tortured someone”. Moreover, they tried to justify their actions by saying, it was “Funny as fuck”.

So, they kept continuously hitting her and threatening the 14-year-old girl. Moreover, they also threatened to kill her family, including her 1-year-old brother, if she tried to tell anybody about their names and what they had done. However, their crimes were publicly out the moment one of them posted that video online. So, the police quickly arrived and arrested them. 

Following that, Kirra was sent to a hospital and she received special care from the doctors. She was admitted on 18th March 2023 and was released on 21st March 2023. Luckily, she survived the attack. However, she is emotionally devastated. Since it was a traumatic experience for her, she is getting therapy from a professional counselor. 

Her Family 

So, it’s time to take a look at her family details now. According to the reports, Kirra lives with her father, Kristen Hart in Queensland, Australia. She also has her mother but we don’t know her name. Moreover, readers may also like to know that she has an 11-year-old brother. 

There’s no doubt that her parents have suffered a lot. They have been supportive of her all this time, never letting her down. They have always been beside her in this time of ordeal. So, there’s no doubt that Kirra has a supportive family. 

They even held the three attackers captive and filed charges against them. Once people got to know about this on the internet, many came forward to share their thoughts. Most people expressed their anger at the three girls for torturing poor Kirra. Others came forward and expressed their empathy. There’s no doubt that this incident has shaken many people. 

Who Were Her Attackers?

According to the reports, Kirra’s attackers were three girls, the same age as hers. Multiple sources suggest that they were her schoolmates. Her attackers are named Chloe Denman, Shanaya Grech, and Rhynisa Grech. As we can understand, they are bullies. They took delight in torturing the poor girl and threatened her families, lest she said anything to others. However, the law and order have punished them accordingly. 

Net Worth

If you are someone who wants to know about her net worth, you are in the right place. As we know, Kirra Hart is only 14 years old right now, so she doesn’t have a job. Considering her parents aren’t rich, her mother started a campaign on the 17th of March, 2023, to raise money for her daughter’s speedy recovery and medical bills in GoFundMe. Several people donated money, and they got over 74k USD, while the goal was 1.1K dollars. Many celebrity figures also came forward to help the poor girl.

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