Top Magento Development Companies

Magento Development Companies

Magento is one of the most professional eCommerce platforms that gives its users the freedom they crave. Its open-source nature gives its users the flexibility and scalability freedom they need to expand their businesses. Due to all the features that Magento provides to its users, it is the first choice of all the top Magento development companies.

Running a business is a full-time job, especially when you have just started. Keeping track of your financial account, delivery system, and handing stocks is a big headache, and if you have decided to expand your business online, you have lots of work to do.

Ecommerce store development and maintenance is a big chore, and although Magento provides a user-friendly interface still the technicalities can be a bit overwhelming for the newcomers. This is where Magento development companies come into play. Magento development companies help you set up your professional e-commerce store and provide you with maintenance services to run your business smoothly.

There are some Magento development companies out there, and choosing the best one can be tricky. So, in this article, we will point out some of the top Magento development companies so that you can select your eCommerce developer partner.

1. Curotec:

Curotec is one of the oldest players in the Magento development business; it was founded in 2010 in Philadelphia and has completed thousands of projects.

Curotec offers the following services to their clients:

Ecommerce store management: increases your online sales and improves your eCommerce store operations.

Applications: Develop your web store application and can also improve your existing application.

System automation: replaces all of your manual operations with automated digital systems.

Websites: develop a customized website that will undoubtedly convert your leads.

2. Absolute web:

These web developers have been around since 2000, and their two decades of experience are reflected in their work. The absolute web provides services not only for Magento but for Shopify plus and Big commerce as well.


The unlimited web offers the following services to their clients:

UI/UX design: Absolute web ensures a user-friendly interface to navigate and spend more time on the website easily.

Branding: Their branding approach is top-notch and helps create an ecosystem that’s shared across various platforms.

Content production: They don’t just set up your website for you, but they can also provide you with content production services that are bound to attract more people to your website.

Digital marketing: Marketing is like a legendary sword, and one who holds it will rule the kingdom of e-commerce. The absolute web provides you with digital marketing services in addition to their web development niche so that you can generate more leads and conversions.

3. Elogic commerce:

Elogic was a company founded in 2009; they have worked in Magento development and are now bronze partners with Adobe. Although they are a new company compared to the industry giants, their small limited number of employees help provide the most coordinated and complete website for your business.


Magento support and maintenance: Provides you support for your existing Magento store and maintains it daily.

Ecommerce website design: Design a user-friendly e-commerce site for you.

Transformation: One of the unique services provided by Elogic is transformation. Elogic can help you migrate your store and operations from one platform to another. They can help you migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and from WooCommerce to Magento as well.

Magento performance optimization: Elogic can help you optimize your Magento-developed site and drive more traffic to your website.

Conversion rate optimization: It all sums up the number of conversions your store makes for you to earn money. Elogic helps you optimize your e-commerce store in a way that leads will surely convert.


Now that we have discussed all the industry’s top guns, it is now time to choose the best suitable developer for yourself. It’s all about your needs. If you need a Magento e-commerce store, then you can select Elogic commerce. Their highly coordinated developed e-commerce store stands out in design, simplistic use, and optimized performance.

But if you want to hire a development company that can also take care of your website content and marketing strategies, you should go for Absolute web. If you’re going to hire a developer who can also help manage your physical operations and not just your digital store, you should employ Curotec.