How Much Does Fence Installation Cost? A Guide for Homeowners

Fence Installation Cost

Would you like to improve the security of your home, make your property more private, and establish clear boundaries between you and your neighbors? Installing a fence around your property is one of the best ways to do all these things at once.

Before you start planning a new fence installation, though, you should consider the cost associated with doing it. There are a variety of things that can impact your fence installation cost and make it much higher or lower than the average cost of fence installation.

Stop asking yourself, “How much does it cost to put in a fence?”, and learn about the different factors that can change the price you’ll pay for a fence. They’ll help you decide whether or not fence installation is in the cards for you right now.

What Kind of Fencing Do You Want to Install?

When you make the decision to do a new fence installation, one of the things that might surprise you is all of the different fencing options available today. There are so many great fence choices for those who are in the market for new fencing.

Some of the most popular fencing types out there are:

  • Vinyl fencing
  • Chain-link fencing
  • Wood fencing
  • Aluminum fencing
  • Wrought-iron fencing

Each type of fencing comes with its own unique fence installation cost. Chain-link fencing, for example, costs about $3 to $6 per square foot on average. Wrought-iron fencing, on the other hand, often costs anywhere from $20 to more than $100 per square foot on average.

It’ll be up to you to decide which type of fencing you like most as well as which type of fencing fits nicely into your budget.

How Much Fencing Are You Going to Need Installed?

It’s obviously going to be impossible to give you a definitive fence replacement cost without knowing the dimensions of your property and how much fencing you need. The cost of new fencing is often calculated by measuring a piece of property and figuring out how much fencing will have to be used to go around the entire perimeter of it.

If you know where your property lines are and have a tape measure handy, you should be able to find out approximately how much fencing you’ll need to install. That will allow you to estimate how much you can expect to pay for it.

Fencing in a small backyard is going to cost you just a fraction of what it would cost to put up a fence around your whole house. You’ll need to keep this in mind when you’re trying to decide how much fencing you want to put up in the first place.

Are There Any Obstacles That Could Make Fence Installation Difficult?

While you’re in the process of measuring how much fencing you’ll need to put up a new fence, you should look at the areas where fencing is going to be put into place. You should pay close attention to any spots that might pose potential problems for fence installers.

If there are obstacles that exist on your property, it could drive your total fence installation cost way up. Some common obstacles that fence installers face include:

  • Hills
  • Trees
  • Large stones and rocks
  • Holes and divots
  • Neighbors’ fences

These obstacles can make it more difficult than it would be otherwise for fence installers to put a fence up. They can also force fence installers to bring in heavy-duty equipment to carry out your fence installation job.

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As a result, fence installers will often charge you extra for their installation services. You should be mindful of this when installing new fencing.

Who Are You Going to Hire to Handle Fence Installation?

Speaking of fence installers, you’re going to have to hire a fencing company with experienced installers on their team to handle your fence installation. And all fencing companies charge slightly different prices when installing fences for people.

You should do your homework and see which fencing companies in your area offer the best prices on fences. Visit this website to find out about one great company that can provide you with excellent fences at the best prices.

How Many Gates Do You Need Installed On Your New Fence?

You’re more than likely going to stick at least one gate on the fence that you have installed on your property. You’ll use that gate to get in and out of your yard.

In most cases, people choose to keep their gates on the simpler side. This keeps their fencing costs low and makes it easy to operate their gates.

You can, however, opt to put a fancier gate up on your fence if you would like. Those who install wrought-iron fences, in particular, usually like to spice things up when installing gates to add a decorative touch.

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You can also opt to put multiple gates on your fencing if you want to be able to access your property from different places along the perimeter of it. If you’re putting up a lot of fencing, it’s a good idea to consider installing a few gates to go along with it.

Just make sure that you’re ready to shoulder the extra fence installation cost that comes with installing multiple gates. Since fence installers will have to stop and install each individual gate separately, the cost of installing gates can add up quickly if you’re not careful. 

Find Out What Your Total Fence Installation Cost Will Be Today

As we alluded to earlier, it’s not possible to provide you with an accurate estimate for your fence installation cost without knowing more about your fencing needs. Everything from the type of fencing you choose to the fence company you work with will impact the price you pay for a new fence.

Find a few reputable fencing companies in your general area and get quotes for fences from them. These quotes will give you a much better idea of what you’re going to have to pay for your fence installation project.

Learn more about fence installation and maintaining fencing by browsing through the articles on our blog.

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