Hamptons-Styled Kitchen Ideas – Islands, Tiling Colors

Hamptons-Styled Kitchen

A Hamptons-styled kitchen has become quite popular over the years and its coastal feel associated with living near the beach affords you a light, care-free ambience. If you wish to have this ambience in your home, then borrow inspiration from the ideas in this article.

Hamptons-styled kitchens look fabulous from the ceiling to the floor, and it’s a mix of yesteryears and modernity.

However, what makes Hamptons-styled kitchens stand out? The use of colors, lightning, enough sources of light, application of materials that are natural, and timber and stone!

Now, how can you begin to create the foundation for your kitchen, what colors should you incorporate, and how do you mix antique with modernity? However, before reading further, here’s our piece of advice: If you’re an interior design enthusiast with a YouTube channel brimming with ideas to share, check out youtubestorm.com for a wider audience.

Hamptons-Styled Kitchen Ideas #1. Hardware Made of Black

Your kitchen will need some form of contrast for the hardware if its painted white, such as basic fixtures that are painted black, which include knobs, handles, drawer pulls, etc. Also, the black granite sink with matching tapware introduces a taste of modernity to the kitchen while keeping with the black-and-white theme.

#2. Navy Blue Color


This space is the perfect example of how to use blue with white in a kitchen to create the right atmosphere.

#3. Blue and Grey

This combination is in a class of its own, and you can use dark blue cabinets in the kitchen as well as shelves behind tiles made of grey with grout that is white. Introducing “white” also improves the décor of the kitchen, and the touches of a white bench, white window frame, and white décor help balance this space perfectly.

#4. Use Available Storage

To ensure that your family is fed well, use all available storage and this contemporary Hamptons kitchen has got it right. The full potential of the high ceilings has been realized with a wall filled with cabinets.

Hamptons-Styled Kitchen Ideas #5. Flooring Made of Timber

This is quite basic in a kitchen, more so, when it is large; thus, an idea will be to apply light shades of colors for the cabinets and walls, and the other part of the kitchen should be painted white to give off that classic vibe.

#6. Simple and Well Turned Out

A house in the city usually has small kitchens and it may be tough to design your kitchen with no extra space. You could add curtains, most especially, white ones, to give the illusion of a bigger kitchen, and a well-designed island to be used to store things and where to serve food.

#7. Include Texture

You can introduce texture in your kitchen through the bench or wall. In this case, the windows are finished with the effortless style of white plantation shutters, a tap made of brushed nickel, a sink painted white that is mounted underneath, and beautiful tiles that help to distribute the light in the kitchen.

#8. Tiles (Herringbones)

This type of tile is soft on the edges and provides an adequate backsplash in the kitchen, so you will need a professional in tile installation to ensure that the tiling is of the best quality, and a marble bench that’s glossy is also a good fit to introduce here.

#9. Blue (Coastal)


This type of blue color will make you feel like you are on a beach, and the combination of white and blue (coastal), and the textured marble bench adds class to this kitchen.

Hamptons-Styled Kitchen Ideas #10. Grand is Lit!

A big kitchen space affords you the opportunity to use it to create an island that is huge due to the open plan layout, and you will no longer have worries about seating space. Thus, you can entertain as you please.

#11. Lovely and Illuminated

Your Hamptons-styled kitchen can be illuminated with more than one window, windows painted white, and a color combination that is simple.

#12. Glamorous Kitchen

This kitchen introduces “modernity” and if this is what you are vibing, then why don’t you go for it? Sophistication comes from the white color and the addition of the vase with flowers is classic.

#13. Traditional Yet Relaxed

This kitchen gives off a luxurious yet relaxed look, making it the perfect Hamptons space, so think of doors painted white, with benchtops made of marble, conventional plumbing fixtures, and handles (nickel) that are polished.

#14. Black on White

Who says Hamptons has to be all white? Include cabinets that are painted black as well as other features such as the faucet and furniture.

Hamptons-Styled Kitchen Ideas #15. Soft Blue and Glossy Tiles

This Hamptons-styled kitchen looks very fresh and inviting. The light blue and white combination is perfect, and the glossy subway tiles add the right amount of texture to this space. I love how the purple flowers on the bench add just the right pop of color.

#16. Textured Feature Wall

Include the classic Hamptons blue into your kitchen by using tiles along your back wall. I love that these tiles aren’t your ordinary subway or triangular tiles, but that they have a whole lot of character to them. They almost look like little bows!

#17. Shelves

Open shelves with accessories of high-quality gives off a classic vibe. You will have to clean out your shelves as often as possible and make sure that all accessories are where they should be.

#18. Use White

White color adds a spark to your kitchen that no other color can, plus you can trust it, any day and any time. Your wall, tiles, and cabinets can get the touch of white to make this element of white, effective.

#19. Cabinets Made of Glass

I believe you are smiling now. With your flatware beautifully arranged in your cabinet, it is on display for all to see. It also provides storage for your flatware, and its a great addition in your kitchen.

Hamptons-Styled Kitchen Ideas #20. Industrial Meets Hamptons

It’s not often that you come across a stainless steel benchtop in a Hamptons-styled kitchen. Now that I think of it, it’s a very practical choice! If you’re not afraid to choose something a little bit different (and you want to be able to clean those benches easily), then why not embrace this Hamptons-industrial style?

#21. Stools (Bistro)

These stools and the rattan pendant light add homeliness to the cool blue and white tones in this Hamptons-styled kitchen.

#22. Stones (Dark)

Stones that are dark can also be used and this design proves that you can use dark, plus I love how the colors in the tiled splashback match the dark stone benchtops.

#23. Cream and Beige

This modern Hamptons-styled kitchen avoids cliched nautical motifs, such as anchors and sailing boats, and keeps things simple and sophisticated. It uses a predominantly white color palette layered with neutrals of greys, creams and beiges for a relaxed look.

#24. Earthy Coastal

When designing a white kitchen, add colors and surfaces that are warm, so your space doesn’t feel too cold. Take this kitchen, for example: the counters in this kitchen have a warmth about them with touches of grey, beige, and tan.

Hamptons-Styled Kitchen Ideas #25. Greeney-blue


This decent splash of green-blue paint is a color combination that instantly transports you to the seaside! Plus, the timber touches add the warmth that this design needs.

#26. Ensure Symmetry

By doing this, the kitchen will look great and have the right feel, and these major contrasts are what changes the outlook of your kitchen.

#27. Lines (White)

Paneling made of timber is a great plus and is always sought after for kitchens, and the introduction of white takes away the dullness, while the use of brass is beautiful.

#28. Golden Handles

Golden handles paired with cabinets painted white can change the look of your kitchen and introduce “glamour” to make it stand out.

#29. Touch of Timber

The touch of timber sets off the tone in your kitchen, and furniture made with timber adds a level of homeliness and coziness that can’t be equaled, which is apt for a beach-purposed home.

Hamptons-Styled Kitchen Ideas #30. Furniture Made of Luxe


This feature can also be introduced in your kitchen to give you that Hamptons vibe. You can seek ways to introduce this feature, and this is a perfect example with the stools that add a modern look to the kitchen.

#31. Brick Backsplash

You have to ensure that the brick backsplash aligns with the décor in your kitchen, and the idea is to introduce dark features from the window, pendant lights, clock, cabinets, etc.

#32. Small Island

This will come in handy in a large kitchen, and I love how it’s topped with light timber to give your kitchen that unique look.

#33. Tough Lines

Shape is essential in a Hamptons-styled kitchen, and framing is just one way to get started; thus, the edges of your cabinets should have tough lines so they can last long and work for you.

#34. Lighting

There can’t be enough light in a kitchen, so why don’t you go all out to illuminate your kitchen? Take cues from this kitchen which has hanging metal lights, wall lights above the stove area, and small lights in the ceiling.

Hamptons-Styled Kitchen Ideas #35. Creative Cabinets

Creative cabinets are essential in kitchens to enable you store things. In this kitchen, the microwave and other appliances are cleverly concealed at the back of a white door, and this way, everything is organized and in its rightful place.


Are you better enlightened about how best to design your Hamptons-styled kitchen? We have listed excellent alternatives to inspire you, so take advantage of them, and make your choice to fulfill your dream and put a smile on your face.