The Top 10 Weirdest Home Security Cam Catches Ever

Delivery Gone Wrong

Ready for the top 10 weirdest home security cam catches ever? Some cameras can also capture unexpected and interesting events that happen in your backyard. These cameras have become a valuable source of candid videos, recording things like people passing by, delivery drivers, and even burglars when they think no one is watching. Installing a home security system with surveillance cameras can provide both protection and some unexpected footage. Now some of these cameras have even caught some extremely weird and unexplained phenomena over the years. Let us take a look at some of them. 

Delivery Gone Wrong

Delivery drivers have a challenging job. They have to deliver packages quickly and often face tight schedules. Sometimes, they make mistakes due to the pressure and rush. In 2014, a delivery driver forgot to use the parking brake, and the security camera captured what happened next. The camera didn’t show the mistake itself, but it recorded the van rolling back down the street and off the road.

Arresting Burglars

Home security cameras help keep your home safe by monitoring both the inside and outside. They allow you to watch live footage from anywhere, even when you’re not at home. In a remarkable incident in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, a resident noticed two thieves going through his belongings while his house was empty. The security footage captured the burglars casually walking around and deciding what to steal. The best part is that law enforcement quickly arrived and arrested the burglars on the scene. This incident serves as a great advertisement for comprehensive home security packages offered by companies like ADT.

Delivery Gone Wrong

Unprofessional Staff

Security cameras have many uses beyond preventing robberies. In 2020, a Reddit user named Luckboy28 shared a creepy experience. They set up a hidden security camera to monitor their home while they were at work. To their surprise, the footage captured repair staff who had come to fix the AC, snooping through their belongings, using their computer, and bothering their pets. Also, it was a very strange thing. So he complained to the management. And the management fired the staff. A great step indeed.  

Foiled Burglary

We can install security cameras in different ways. Also, they can be hidden to catch people in the act. Or you can display them prominently to scare off thieves. On September 2, 2016, a man broke into a home in North Fort Worth, Texas. However, as soon as he saw the security camera in the room, he knew he had been caught and quickly left. DIY security systems, like those from Cove, are affordable and can help you keep an eye on your home when you’re away. They also act as a deterrent, preventing potential thieves from targeting your home. Also, it is highly useful in many cases. 

Handyman Does Great

Not all events captured on home surveillance cameras are negative. A Reddit user named RandomDessert shared a heartwarming incident. His mailbox was hanging loose, and he hadn’t found time to fix it. One day, he returned home to find the mailbox securely bolted back to his house. Curious, he checked his home security footage and discovered that an unknown elderly person had kindly fixed the mailbox using their own tools. Also, the stranger’s identity remains a mystery, but their act of kindness was captured on camera.

Foiled Burglary

Paranormal Activity

Many homeowners claim to see ghosts or paranormal activity on their security cameras. Some people believe that strange phenomena captured on video, such as unexplained movements or orbs, are evidence of supernatural beings visiting their homes. But what are orbs, you ask? In the context of paranormal phenomena, orbs are commonly referred to as “ghost orbs” or “spirit orbs.” These terms describe unexpected, typically circular anomalies appearing in photographs or videos, often associated with hauntings or spiritual presences. However, most of these occurrences can be explained by simple things like spider webs or water droplets causing reflections on the camera lens. Despite these logical explanations, people still wonder about the possibility of encountering something supernatural.

Live Audio Saves The Day

A home security camera captured two burglars going through a resident’s bedroom, looking for things to steal. The security system alerted the owner through email or SMS about the unexpected movement. The owner quickly contacted the police and used the camera’s two-way intercom to talk to the burglars. This scared the thieves, and they left the house right away. The security camera helped the owner take immediate action and prevent any further damage or loss.

Hit and Run

A home security camera recorded a strange incident where a car crashed into a parked vehicle. The owner of the parked car obtained the video from a neighbor. Surprisingly, another video captured the people responsible for the crash trying to escape. The driver of the car suddenly jumped out, and the passenger quickly took the driver’s seat and sped away. The original driver then chased after the accomplice on foot, running as fast as they could down the street. It was a bizarre sight caught on camera, showing the chaotic aftermath of the accident.

Live Audio Saves The Day

The Bewildered Cat

Home security cameras can also be used to monitor pets when you’re away. In a popular Reddit post by gigglebush88, the owner shared a video of their cat named Beans exploring the camera.

Like many surveillance cameras, this one can move and follow motion. The camera’s ability to track Beans as it moved around confused and intrigued the curious cat. Although Beans seemed tempted to swipe at the camera, it eventually decided to scamper away from this strange new device in its home. It was an amusing interaction captured on camera, showcasing the cat’s curiosity and reaction to the technology.

Racetrack Creator

After installing a security camera overlooking his driveway, a man discovered that young children were using the smooth concrete as a place to ride their bicycles. Instead of getting upset or building a fence, he decided to draw a racetrack on the ground using chalk. The track had twists, turns, and straight sections, creating a fun and exciting circuit for the kids to enjoy. The security camera footage captured their joy and excitement as they rode on the makeshift track, with many of them coming back again and again to experience the thrill of the unique driveway course.

Extra Security

Security cams are very important for homeowners. We think the market is going to double in the coming years. At the same time, they even become a source of weird happenings. Many people have reported strange things taking place right outside their homes. For example, one man claimed to have seen a strange alien-like hand clamp the camera on his boundary wall. It looked childish and pale. We only see a brief glimpse of the appendage.

Extra Security

Bear Scare

If a bear tries to break into your chicken coop, you can take action to scare it away. That’s what Hallie, a clever homeowner, did when she noticed the bear in her yard. Instead of doing nothing or confronting the bear directly, Hallie let out a loud and frightening yell. The bear, confused and intimidated, quickly retreated and ran away. It’s important to remember to prioritize your safety and find effective ways to deter wild animals from causing harm.

Horse in a Bar

Now this is a story from France. A racehorse from Chantilly threw off its rider and walked into a bar. It stayed in a corner for some time. Kicking up furniture and other things. Before people arrived to take it away. Eventually, the racecourse sent some people. Also, they took the horse away. We are fortunate it hurt no one. The camera in the bar captured everything. Who knows what else it would have done?

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