Noteworthy Facts On Michael Key Wife Elisa Pugliese

Elisa Pugliese

Elisa Pugliese is one of the most famous American film producers and directors. Originally from New York, a lot of people know her as Elle Key as well. Moreover, it’s also worth mentioning that she is one of the most successful producers in the American film industry. In fact, she has been working in the Hollywood film industry for over two decades. 

Furthermore, it’s also true that a lot of people know her as the wife of Michael Key. In fact, she has also produced a lot of hit movies like Boy Meets Girls, The American Journey, etc. So, if you want to know more about Elisa Pugliese then go through the article for some riveting facts. 

Elisa’s Early Life

So, the wife of Michael Key Elisa was born in the year 1972 on 2nd April, in Bronx, NYC. Therefore she is around 49 years old now as of 2021. There are not many details available about her early life apart from this because she likes to be private about these matters. However, the sources tell us that she has graduated from Syracuse University

Her Relationship With Keegan-Michael Key

It is safe to say that a lot of people get curious to learn about the private affairs of celebrities. So if you wish to know about the relationship between Elisa Pugliese and her husband then it just makes sense. Even though the lovebirds have decided to keep their love life low-key, there are a lot of riveting facts about them that are noteworthy. 

So, the duo went public with their relationship back in 2017, in the month of February. During this period of time, they made a public appearance at the BAFTA Tea party together. In fact, the duo also went to the TONY awards together and appeared in Emmy awards as well. 

Now the question is, how their love life truly began? Well, as per the reports, Keegan took to Twitter to announce that he had proposed to Elisa Pugliese and she said yes. 

“She shows me every day that each one of us has the ability to help make the world a better place. I’m the luckiest man ever. She said Yes!” – he said this on Twitter. 

Their Marriage

So, the couple decided to turn their relationship into something meaningful back in 2018. In other words, they decided to exchange vows of marital bond on 8th June 2018. Therefore they held a public ceremony in NYC and invited only a handful of people. 

In fact, the ceremony consisted of only close friends and family.  Keegan said, “Why would we get married in any place else if we love our home? Let’s have a reception upstairs and then we’re having a party the next day.”

Elisa Is Not The First Wife Of Keegan

So, it’d be worth telling that this is not Keegan’s first marriage. Keegan’s marriage with Cynthia Blaise didn’t last more than 15 years because of differences in opinion. Thereafter he met Elisa Pugliese and they became lovers.