How To Check Your Fitness Level And Health At Home?

How To Check Your Fitness Level And Health At Home

Everyone thinks he/she is fit and healthy until and unless falls ill or becomes unfit while performing several activities. It is not necessary that if you are taking a healthy diet and don’t have any health issues means you are fit, you need to check your health regularly.

To check your fitness or health you don’t need to visit a doctor or do the test at hospitals you can do it yourself at your home. And to know how to check whether you are healthy you can follow the simple four steps given below and check your fitness level anywhere.

4 Steps To Check Your Health At Home

Check Your Health

#1 Do the Chair Test 10 Times

chair test for fitness

To perform this test, sit on a chair and then stand for 10 times repeatedly and also check with a stopwatch how much time you took while completing this task. As per the research and studies, young people who can do this task in 21 seconds or in less time have higher chances of survival compared to people who took a long time to finish.

If you have strength, good lower-body muscle strength, balance and coordination with fit cardiorespiratory, you can complete this task within that time.

Watch How to Do Chair Test and Truth About Chair Test

#2 Balance Yourself on One Leg

balancing on one leg test

It sounds crazy, but if you can balance yourself on one leg, means you have a healthy brain. To do that just stand on one leg and balance your body weight for 60 seconds. If you are not able to stand for 20 seconds, it indicates, your body is at risk of developing brain-related issues.

As per the research and studies, around 30 percent of older adults who could not stand in this position for 20 seconds had microbleeds in the brain. And this micro bleeding problem indicates the brain-related bigger issues in the near future.

#3 Sit on the Floor and Touch Your Toes

touch your toes fitness test

Just sit on the floor, keep your leg fully stretched on the front side and try to touch your toes. If you fail to complete this task, means you are a risk of developing cardiovascular problems.

As per the researchers at the University of North Texas, a flexible body indicates flexible arteries. And if your arteries are inflexible because of inactivity due to your lifestyle habits affecting your heart to work harder to pump blood putting you at risk of heart-related issues.

#4 How Quickly You Can Walk on the Stairs?

stair climbing fitness test

If you can climb on the stairs without a break means your body can avoid early-stage death. As per the research and studies conducted at University Hospital Coruña in Galicia, an individual healthy person can do this task in a minute without any pause.

While on the other hand, people who struggle to complete this task are at three times higher risk to die due to heart-related issues and twice at the risk of dying from deadly disease like cancer.

Use Wearable Devices for Daily Health Monitoring

health monitoring wearable devices

So, what are you waiting for, just try these simple steps and check whether you are fit or not? If you are not able to complete these tests visit at Doctor for a complete health checkup. You can also use fitness wearable devices to monitor your health and daily body activities.

The wearable technology for fitness gathers your data to use in healthcare training data to develop AI-enabled apps and systems that will again help you to keep tracking your fitness level through alerts and suggestions through such devices and help you to stay healthy by monitoring your daily activity and health conditions for a healthy life.

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