These IT Certifications Are in High Demand In 2021

These IT Certifications Are in High Demand In 2021

Every year, there is a shift in market demands, especially on the educational and job front. New jobs are created, some jobs become more important than others and some slide more toward the edge of obsoletion. One of the sectors that have been on a roll in this century is the Information Technology sector. IT companies can be found aplenty in today’s world. Every other student wants to become a software engineer or a computer scientist. There is a sharp rise in the number of new IT jobs that are being created every year. This article will mention a few top certifications in the IT sector that are not just garnering huge demand currently, but are also providing the promise of a great professional life. 

1. Cybersecurity

Cyber security is one of the top careers of this century. It’s not just a highly demanded career but is also a brilliant choice for students all over the world. As the population of the Internet rises and cyber attacks continue to plague our world, cyber security becomes the central priority towards creating a stable digital world. Certified Ethical Hacker, or CEH (as it is famously known), is one of the top certifications in this field that is being opted as a career choice by many graduates, freshers and professionals as well.

2. Data science

Data is the new currency of the 21st century, as it is rightly called the Information Age. Businesses use data to reach their target audience more accurately, and to design strategies based on data. Researchers use data to understand the world better. Data science is a rapidly growing field that has numerous applications in our highly connected and digital world. It is safe to say that data science will continue to increase in prominence in the coming years as well.

3. Machine Learning

Machines are making our lives easier by the second. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is a field that is experiencing as well as creating a massive revolution in technology. Machine learning is becoming an attractive career choice because of this fact. The scope in this industry is beyond amazing, with more and more sectors integrating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in their operations. 

4. DevOps

Short for Developer and Operations, the DevOps field deals with software development and IT operations and has become an intrinsic part of tech companies all over the world. As more and more businesses strive to succeed in the challenges that face them, with the goal of making fast, quality progress, DevOps becomes a promising career of 2021.

5. Cloud Architect

With the advent and uprise of cloud computing, cloud architecture (someone who builds or designs the cloud computing architecture for a business) has become one of the most demanded careers of our time. A decade earlier, who would have thought that students would choose to become cloud architects for a promising professional career? 

6. Solutions Architect

One of the most demanded IT jobs of our time, Solutions Architect is a field that deals with designing, defining and managing the engineering of a business solution. A professional in this industry is the one who tries to make the tech solutions of the organisations meet its goals and helps lead the overall technical vision of such a business solution. They are being hired in large numbers across IT sectors all over the world, to solve large issues along with managers.

So, go on and check out some hot IT courses that excite you. Enrol yourself for an ethical hacking training course or a machine learning course and build a career that can take you places!