How to Balance the Functionality and Style of the Home through Design?

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Designing a home is not less than an art. We have to manage all including functionality and aesthetics. Managing the balance between both is even tougher than finding the right companies for Home Renovation in Dubai.

Remember that a perfect balance of a design can enhance the visibility and improve the overall look of the space. It can be easy to design your spaces if you grasp balance concepts. The simple positioning of furnishings, accessories, the use of color, and other components, including shape and size, makes a room visually stable. It is important and if you don’t feel it essential, you’ll end up with a room that feels cramped.

The definition of balance is “equal weight distribution leading to stability or equality.” This is precisely what a balanced design does; it produces the eye love-equality and symmetry. However, it may become repetitive, if too rigidly implemented, as with any of these concepts. Improve the mix to make it a little less formal with other design aspects.

What are the Common Types of Balance?

This is important for you to know and understand. Yes, you might say that this is the job of a designer, but you are the one planning to live in a house. So, staying ahead of your designer in understanding the design and its principle will help with better and straightforward communication.

So, here are the types of balance that you must know:




Now, why you need balance?

It gives you the basis for the flow of a room when designing a new layout in a room. You will see whether your room is better suited to a symmetrical layout or one more asymmetrical by following the design method. Applying balance to a room will help to reduce additional costs as it provides you with an overview of the furniture needs and their measurements.

Phycology of maintaining the balance in interior design

It keeps the design simple

We love structured designs because they hold as few details as possible that our brains need to manage. By using a pattern repeatedly, we can process the elements more easily. We also see them as more esthetically appealing since we can easily recognize symmetrical spaces.

Try to work on any design project with at least one pattern. A pair of nightstands or lights could be in your bedroom. May be you can use some creative lighting to give your bedroom a unique touch. Levitation technology is in trend nowadays which you can use. Try levitating light bulb. How awesome would it feel to have a light bulb hanging in the air and spinning at 360 degrees, right? Try levitating bulb from Floately. Floately is a series of products with creative lighting ideas and levitation concepts that we can now proudly bring into the world today. Three uniformly divided stools of bars could give your island a sense of symmetry.

It leaves a positive impact

Psychologists from the departments of Rome and Liverpool found a correlation between symmetry and positive reactions. In a study, participants found that symmetrical images were faster correlated with positive than negative terms. They found that with unbalanced images the same was true. They assessed involvement in facial muscles used to smile in a second study and found it most involved in displaying balanced photographs by their participants.

The same researchers have found that when the participants saw reflective symmetry – the kind showing mirror images – these answers have been more pronounced, so be cautious in areas where you need this sort of balance.

Use mirror images for functional value

When we first enter a new interior, our minds process two things automatically: esthetics and purpose. Being so subtle and interconnected, the best design projects can blend in with each other that it is difficult to differentiate them. But you don’t have to train for years to do this – you just have to do a little symmetry.

Bottom Line

Now, it’s no secret that you are drawn to the balance in the room. Right now, we have only talked about the symmetrical balance. However, if you will explore more, you will have more answers about the design value for the interior of your home. Moreover, when you will find the Fit Out Companies in Dubai for home renovation, you will have a complete idea about the design principles and will have better ideas for the home.

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