Everything You Need To Know About Murderer Chris Watt’s Mistress Nichol Kessinger

Nichol Kessinger

Chris Watts and Nichol Kessinger we’re coworkers. However, they began having an affair in June 2018. Two months later, Watts killed his entire family.

At the beginning of this trial, the vote was firmly on the side of Nichol Kessinger. People believed that she was just a coworker. She may have had an affair but never knew Chris Watts was a married man.

It came as shocking news that she is a force in the murder case. The more you read about Nichol and the case, the more it unfolds. It seems like she was scheming an insurance fraud strategy. It morphed into an affair and a plan to eliminate Chris’ family. The murder was planned because the two of them wants to live together. They even wanted to collect insurance money together.

Nichol and her false claims

  • After erring the polygraph, Chris gives up very easily and confesses to the crimes. Maybe, it happened because the police instantly halted their investigation afterward. But if Chris were a sociopath, why would he confess. He did kill his pregnant wife and young children.
  • Kessinger alleges she met Watts at work. She didn’t know that he was married. He never wore a wedding ring around her. But it is a common thing among men to avoid danger. Watt finally mentioned his wife and children. However, Kessinger claims she knew that they were not together. She says she found Watts was still married. She was watching a news report. Nichol also says she realized that Shanann was pregnant through the news report.
  • Computer records show that Nichol visited Shanann’s Facebook page. Here Shanann announced her pregnancy and did frequent updates about her family. There is no way Nichols knew about their divorce. Shanann’s Facebook page was not showing proof of such a claim.

What else did Nichol Kessinger lie about?

The first time, Kessinger says she felt something was wrong about Watts was the night of Shanann’s murder. Before Shanann went home from her business trip, Chris and Nichol’s video chatted. Chris was fibbing on his bare mattress. Nichol says that she thought this was strange. 

The bodies of the victims were draped in sheets. They were recovered in that form. The phone call was 111 minutes long. Nichol has not been apt to tell police what they talked about during this call. Although she gave an interview less than 72 hours later.

Nichol Kessinger claims that after Watts behaved too casually about his family missing, she contacted the police. She told them about the relationship. Nonetheless, the police knew about the matter already. They knew about the affair from a supervisor at Anadarko Petroleum. Nichol has no excuse for the time of the murders.

Nichol tries to destroy her sim card before giving her phone to operatives. She also eliminated texts and pictures of Watts and her search history. It shows her peeking to see if the cops would be competent to read her deleted messages.

Phone listings show that Nichol and Chris were intimate. They talked the night before, the morning of, and the day following the killings.

Chris told law enforcement that he tried first to restrain Shanann with Oxycontin. The police were not ready to establish how he bought Oxycontin. The drug has not been prescribed to him. He moreover said where the Oxycontin came from “is a secret he will take to his grave.”

The entire picture of this case is super sketchy. However, one thing is clear that Nichol isn’t an innocent soul. She is a part of the killings somehow. And, it is just a matter of time to uncover it.

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