How To Approach Traffic And Budget Disruption Due To Covid-19?

How To Approach Traffic And Budget Disruption Due To Covid-19
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 30: A nurse wearing full PPE takes swabs in the Pacific Epping Shopping Centre where one of the new mobile testing sites is located during COVID 19 on 30 April, 2020 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Speed Media/Icon Sportswire)

The Coronavirus pandemic has created a huge chaos in our lives. Almost everyone is disturbed and locked at home. We are advised to clean and sanitize out home and wash our hands frequently. Most of us are feeling panicked and stressed. Some are trying to remove stress by practicing yoga and writing a journal. Others are trying to explore the talent they had, but they never got the time to explore. You can see these changes on a personal level.

On the other hand, when it comes to the organizational level, the Coronavirus has proved to be a disaster for many businesses. When it comes to online companies due to the change in customer’s buying behavior, many companies have lost their traffic. They are also facing budget disruption. Since the outbreak, many things have changed, while a few businesses have lost their audience, others are growing. The pandemic has also created many business opportunities for people.

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Website owners used to apply the SEO strategies for the growth of their business and getting a high rank in SERPs. Due to various changes and disruption, many companies chose PPC and other paid methods for getting traffic and getting their business back on track. But SEO experts are trying to let the website owners know that many opportunities have generated and they mustn’t ignore SEO altogether. Here is what they are suggesting the website owners do during the time of the pandemic.

Help others

Many businesses have experienced only some losses in terms of money, while others have lost everything. If you have not experienced a considerable loss, then you can try to help your customers by providing free tools or services to attract the customers towards you. In the beginning, you won’t get money for providing free service, but later on, those customers can change into paying customers.

It would help if you found out what exciting things you have that you can use to help others in a crisis. If you start providing something for free, you will also begin to get clients who want to try the paid version. Isn’t it exciting?

Solution for conversion

You are a blogger or website owner, and you are experiencing a loss of traffic on your website. You are receiving less traffic, and perhaps this is the reason your conversion rate is also getting down. How can you deal with it? Is there any solution to boost conversion?

You should know that the conversion rate in some industries has also increased during the time of this pandemic. Not every business owner is experiencing a loss.

If you are the owner of an E-commerce store, you should consider providing your customers with payment plans such as Affirm. Most customers are facing a financial crisis at this time, and Affirm would help them reduce their financial burden, and they will also keep buying from you.

If you are selling products and services to the consumers, then you can provide them with an installment plan so that they don’t feel the burden of paying you a considerable amount of money.

In this time of the pandemic, most people have opted for installment plans to fulfill their needs and buy products and services.

Educational training

Aside from all these, you can try to sell educational courses on your platform as more and more people are trying to become skilled in making money online. The demand for courses related to digital marketing has increased. Students are also at home, and nobody likes being bored sitting at home and doing nothing. People are trying to utilize their time to be educated. And in such a situation, if you sell an online course or provide educational training to people at affordable prices, then more and more people will buy from you.

The number of unemployed people is increasing, and people are trying to develop skills to make money and survive. People are consuming a lot of valuable content from YouTube. Platforms like Udemy is growing tremendously.

International SEO

Have you heard of the term international SEO? Well, if you don’t, then you should know that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected each region differently. Countries like South Korea are least affected by it, while other countries like the USA, China, and India are highly affected.

If you are producing content, then you should track the results globally. You would notice, on some days, you are getting a large amount of traffic in one region while on other days you would not receive significant traffic from the same area. It would help if you tried to optimize and translate your content for several regions and utilize international SEO, as it would help you to receive more organic traffic from various locations.

The takeaway

Coronavirus pandemic has become a part of our lives. We need to learn to live with it. We have to adapt and make changes as necessary. In this time, we are getting more time to devote our passion and work from home. So we can utilize our saved time for online business. We can learn and explore various niche to realize what works for us and what doesn’t. We can start working and take the first step. We can put in a lot of effort to learn how the search market is working these days.