How To Clean The Hardwood Floors To Keep Them Shining?

How To Clean The Hardwood Floors To Keep Them Shining

Hardwood floors carry a warm texture and a classic look that enhance the grace of any room. Also, the grace increases when the floor shines at its best. Moreover, hardwood flooring can stay as it is for a long time, like over a century. 

They only need proper care and minimum daily maintenance to shine. But we often get confused about the best way to keep floors clean and hygienic. Tricks should be tasted safe and without tannin. There are lots of questions about this topic, often people raise. Even they apply various ways to get rid of the stained floors. So, we suggest avoiding any homemade tricks or wrongly suggested cleaning tools. 

The only you can do is to get advice from experts. That’s why we are here with some valuable and expert tips for you to keep clean your wooden floor clean and shining ever after.

Cleaning Tips For Finished Wood Floor

The finished hardwood floor is coated with sealants like; polyacrylic, urethane, and polyurethane. These are basically for finishing objects. Also, they protect hardwood blocks underneath from moisture, water, and stains. You need to follow some steps to clean your finished hardwood floor.

  • Dust Cleaning

It would be the best way to clean dust if you have a vacuum cleaner to avoid daily cleaning hassle.

  • Use Of Cleaning Solution

You need a cleaning solution as a cleaning tool. Also, a microfiber dust mop is needed for soaking into 3-4 drops of cleaning solution added to the bucket of water. Please squeeze that mop to leave excess water because excess use of water can damage the floor and fade out the colour. So, before applying on the floor, you should check the mop whether it is just damp or not.

  • Use of Air Drying Objects

After wiping the floor, switch off the fan to quickly dry the floors.

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Cleaning Tips For Unfinished Wood Floors

An unfinished floor means a matte surface finish. This kind of floor does not shine and looks very classic and elegant. You can see this type of wooden floor in old-age houses or clownish bungalows. 

For cleaning this unfinished wood, you don’t need to use water. Because this matte floor quickly absorbs water and helps mildew to grow. So, the below-stated steps are the best options to clean an unfinished wooden floor:

  • Sweeping the Floors

In this case, your best tool will be a microfiber dust pad or cloth. It is harmless and does not create any scratch on the object. Also, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean even tiny dirt from the surface of your flooring.

  • Removing the Stains

You need floor wax in a small amount to rub the stained areas with the help of steel wool. Before using that floor wax, you must ensure the quantity you should limit because excess use can lead to discolouration of the floor surfaces.

  • Surface Drying

Once the removal of the stains and wiping of the entire floor is appropriately done, the next step should be air drying by switching off the fan or air dryer machine.  

Other essential Tips To Keep Your wooden Floor Clean And Hygenic

  • No-Shoe Policy

You must follow this rule strictly and regularly for outsiders and house members. It keeps your floor clean and maintains a hygienic environment around the indoor spaces.

  • Placing A Door Rug At The Entrance

You should ask your close ones and visitors to wipe their feet before walking on the floor. In this way, you can avoid abrasive objects such as; particles, sand, dirt, and dust brought by their shoes. These messy things can damage the texture and the colour of the floor. 

  • Repairing The Scratches

It will be an effective way to apply crayons matching the shade of the floor with a hair dryer. First, you must blow the hot air on the applied crayon. When it gets dried and set on the stained areas, you need to buff it with a cloth. But, that piece of cloth should be soft and friendly to the wooden object.

  • Treating Your Floor With Tea

Another interesting cleaning mechanism is treating your floor with tea. You need 3-4 tea bags to dip into the boiling water. After that, leave them on a plate to get cool down. After completely cooling, take your black tea to mop the wooden floor. This treatment is the tannins that keep shining and restore the surface’s texture.

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Some Important Instruction In This Context 

  1. You should follow the experts’ instructions during floor cleaning and use commercial cleaning tools. Still, we suggest checking the compatibility and effectiveness of the cleaning products on a discreet area of the floor. This testing patch will verify the authentication of those products.
  2. Never use homemade agents like; a mixture of lemon juice and vinegar. As this mixture is acidic, it could lead your floor to permanent damage.
Wrap Up

Cleaning your wooden floors is all about strategies, the proper guidance, and compatible cleaning agents. It demands hassle-free maintenance, and you can do it easily if you know enough about the treatments. Otherwise, you can take help from professionals. You need to start the process at the point of the door and systematically follow the steps mentioned above to keep your wooden flooring clean and shining.

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