The Complete Guide for Small Businesses Surviving the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Complete Guide for Small Businesses Surviving the COVID-19 Pandemic

The novel coronavirus that swept through the world is a human tragedy, no doubt. The unforeseen and rapidly changing circumstances have left us all scrambling for cover, but when the dust settles and we look around, we realize one thing: no one is safe from this pandemic.

Some of the biggest companies in the world—Facebook and McDonald’s, to name just two—are quickly coming to terms with plunging stocks. With unemployment rates soaring and businesses temporarily pulling the shutter on their operations, the future outlook is bleak for many business owners.

Based on a recent survey of tech companies—cited by Forbes—62% of staffers believe their total income will take a hit owing to the outbreak. When industry giants like Uber, Google, Oracle, and Cisco Systems are voicing these concerns, it’s no wonder that small businesses will be the hardest hit in the aftermath of COVID-19.

As you’re forced to adapt to the new norm of remote work, altered business hours, and the switch to e-commerce and digital marketing, evolving with the changing times is necessary. Small businesses are invariably impacted by the restrictions of their limited cash flow, interruptions in the supply chain, meeting high-level KPIs, and the need to retain and engage audiences.

The global pandemic has shown us the importance of an online presence for your brand. Local small businesses with no online presence—a whopping 46% of them!—and those with inadequate SEO strategies have borne the brunt of COVID-19. As rising debt loads, reduced customer demand, and plunging sales revenue indicate: small businesses need to leverage the age of digitalization to weather the storm of COVID-19.


So, how can you continue to keep your audience engaged when you’re only offering limited services? Is there any way you can attract local customers to your business and boost conversion rates? Can you focus on building a brand identity and managing your business’s reputation so you can come out stronger after normalcy is restored?

Let’s take a look at the role of small business SEO services in helping you survive the global pandemic: 

Improvise, Adapt & Overcome

It’s no surprise that nationwide calls for stay-at-home orders are encouraging people to stay indoors, but this means a significant drop in sales revenue for your small business. That is, unless you adapt to the circumstances and hit the ground running with an e-commerce strategy that yields net profit and higher conversion rates.

With a survey revealing that digital grocery shopping rates increased from 11% to an astounding 37% within a month, you need to leverage e-commerce spending to your advantage. 

Order-online-pickup-in-store and curbside delivery are quickly becoming popular choices for businesses, and adapting to them will help you maintain your net profit margins even during the time of this global crisis.

While you may not want to capitalize on the global pandemic, consider it as a wake-up call for your business to venture into unchartered profit-maximizing territories. Digital sales have gone up by almost 50% since the start of these trying times and this trend may be here to stay long after the pandemic has ended. Read More : buy tiktok fans

Improvise, Adapt & Overcome

Improve Brand Visibility Amid The Global Crisis

Google search continues to dominate how potential customers will generate traffic for your website. There’s a reason 57% of marketing experts endorse on-page, SEO-optimized content development as an effective strategy.

One of the most viable ways to improve your brand’s visibility in a competitive market and direct conversion-driving traffic to your website is by taking advantage of SERP rankings. By appearing higher on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), you’ll be able to leverage the 75% of clicks that the first three links receive.  

With organic and paid search vying for the most clicks and producing 68% of the trackable traffic to business websites, investing in SEO services is an effective way to increase brand visibility. However, small businesses with a limited marketing budget may struggle to compete with larger corporations successfully running paid ads. 

Improvise, Adapt & Overcome

As COVID-19 forces businesses to cut costs and interrupts business activities, many companies may halt paid search ventures. Your small business can capitalize on this opportunity and use it to drive traffic to your quality content while providing the audience with the information they need.

Investing in your small business SEO services now will reap benefits in the long run as you optimize and publish content that supports your business goals through the economy’s recovery period. 

Serve The Needs Of Your Customers

At this time of constant change and uncertainty, people are looking for any kind of guidance, information, or advice. This presents a great opportunity for your business to make a place for itself and establish a brand personality that lets you connect with your target market.

Leverage internal linking and effective CTAs to drive conversion rates, organic traffic, and—eventually—greater sales revenue for your business. Taking an empathetic approach and connecting with customers through social media channels and email marketing will establish you as an industry authority they’ll keep coming back to. 

This is a good time to work on your reputation management—something 97% of business owners prioritize since it drives consumer behavior. Set yourself apart as a credible business that receives positive reviews and accepts constructive feedback in a stride. 

You can also utilize backlinks or inbound links in your strategy. By guiding viewers to reputable information sources, curated content to address their needs, and sharing ways in which you’re doing your part during this global crisis, you get an extra edge against the competition.

Brands that are taking the changing business conditions in a stride, and innovating the ways they interact and serve the needs of their customers are able to set themselves apart from the rest.

Take a look at how Airbnb, an online marketplace for vacation rental homes, has introduced an Online Experiences feature to bring unique traveling experiences to people—right in the comfort of their homes!


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Similarly, bakery, café, and casual restaurant Panera Bread has ventured into the world of online grocery shopping. By offering customers the chance to pick up or get grocery items delivered to their home caters to a much-needed service and attempt to fill a gap in the market. 


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With unique business ideas from home interruptions impacting KPIs, audience retention, and high customer attrition rates, investing in revenue and demand-generating channels will help your small business stay afloat. During these uncertain times, focus on your digital marketing strategies and leverage SEO services to optimize your small business’s marketing spending.