How Spotify Customizes itself for Listeners and Artists

Spotify Customizes

Let’s just admit it, our lives would be very different without music. Earlier it wasn’t as easy as it is now to listen to music and this is where apps like Spotify prove to be of so much importance. By simply opening the app, we can find our favourite songs and listen to them whenever we need to. You can also like a track, save it, download and add to it your playlists. This is how easy it is from the listener’s perspective.

On the other hand, there are Spotify artists who release their music, playlists and their podcasts. The process is slightly different for them. Releasing your music or podcast can be a complicated process on its own for example choosing the right distributor and other factors. On top of that comes the stage where the artists have to promote their content and that can be a difficult job. It is easier now that one can buy Spotify plays which will help your account get more exposure and grow on a better level.

Using Spotify – The Listener vs The Artist

  • When it comes to the listener, they can either have the basic version of Spotify where they can listen to their favourite music but might have to listen to some advertisements in between too, and there is also Spotify Premium subscription where you can listen to songs without any interruption. This is a paid subscription.

For the Artist, Spotify is much more than listening to music. After releasing their music, they can see how many followers, listeners and plays they have. For better activity tracking they also have the “Spotify for Artists” app designed especially for the artists to see who’s listening to their music.

  • When it comes to sharing music, the listener can share their favourite music, in the same way, the artist can also share their music but it’s much more than that. Once your song is out, the marketing strategy makes a huge difference. Simple things like the name of your song and the album art may get your more listeners and plays on your songs. Sharing your songs on all social media platforms and asking people to pre-save your music is very important and can help you get more plays on your song. But this is not it. Now you would have to pitch your songs to Spotify to get featured on one of their editorial playlists and music blogs. These are simple, yet efficient ways which can help artists get more recognition.
  • When it comes to buying Spotify plays, followers and listeners, the artists aim towards buying real followers to boost their engagement. Websites like Jaynike can help the artist get followers as per their desire at a much faster rate without any fraud or scam. Via a simple online transaction, they can get more plays on their songs and grow as artists on Spotify

Thus Spotify is a completely different world for the listener compared to the artist, where the artists have much more work to do in order to grow so they can have more listeners.

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