What Is A Comfort Height Toilet?

Comfort Height Toilet

If it is time for you to purchase a new toilet, why not step up your game with a more comfortable, higher-positioned toilet? Comfort height toilets are a great way to sit more comfortable while you do your business, but there is more to comfort-height toilets than that. Find out if a higher toilet seat is for you, and if not, why not?

What Are Comfort Height Toilets?

Simply put, comfort height toilets are toilets that are designed to sit higher than a standard model. While toilet bowls typically sit 14-15 inches off the ground, comfort height seats are 17-19 inches tall from the ground to bowl, allowing taller people to fit without uncomfortably bending. While this is the only significant difference between normal toilets and comfort toilets, it is a big one.

For tall people, a small-seeming toilet can be completely uncomfortable to use, which is why some larger models are offered. With comfort height toilets, you receive an extra couple of inches off your squat every time you go. Be careful though, because comfortable height toilets may be intimidating for children and hard to use for very short individuals. Bigger isn’t always better, depending on who you share a bathroom with.

ADA Compliance

In many cases, taller toilet heights are required to be compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act, which ensures that public restrooms are accessible to individuals with limited mobility. While this may not be an issue in your home, it should be a consideration if you have a family member that uses a wheelchair or may need the extra height to comfortably access the toilet.

Is Replacing your Toilet The Best Way To Increase Comfort?

For tall individuals, a standard (14 – 15 inch) toilet may not cut it, but if you can deal with the height, there are much easier ways to make your experience more comfortable. Instead of replacing your entire toilet, consider purchasing a bidet toilet seat. With a bidet seat, you get way more features for a similar price point, but you don’t have to replace an entire toilet. Even if you do feel inclined to install a larger toilet, you won’t regret adding a bidet system while you’re at it.

With numerous features that vary by model, a bidet can take your experience to an entirely new level. Features include heated seating, massaging rinses, night lights, auto-close lids, warm air-dryer, and much more. With an installation time of under 30 minutes, purchasing a bidet is arguably one of the best ways to revamp your bathroom.

Bidets are also an excellent way to improve the washing experience for individuals with limited mobility. If you are remodeling your restroom with a comfortable height toilet to accommodate a family member with a disability, consider purchasing a bidet to make going even easier. Instead of having to worry about cleaning, reaching, stretching, and all the other effort that comes with using toilet paper, bidets let you press a button to achieve a perfect clean.


The principle of comfort height toilets is simple; they are just the taller version of toilets! While the idea may be basic, taller-sitting toilets can be a drastic improvement for tall individuals and people with certain disabilities. If you are having trouble using or fitting on a standard size toilet, consider upgrading to a comfort height version for an improved experience, and switch to a bidet for the ultimate experience. At bidetsplus.com, you can find a bidet seat for any home on any budget, and they’re all great choices. Use your toilet height and available upgrades to find the most comfortable bathroom experience possible.