5 Things to Understand Before Texting to Enhance Internal Communications

Texting to Enhance Internal Communications

Communication is the backbone of any organization. You need the best methods to convey crucial information without distortions, and text messaging allows it with several benefits. Right from recruiting employees to training, gathering feedback, survey, and rolling out important information, you can use texting to enhance internal communication for smoother operations.

The text message is an emerging trend that has been shown to improve HR department communication, with about 70% of employees supporting texting for interoffice communication. Here are five things to understand before you get started on using it for internal communication:

Basics of Text Messaging and Mobile Keywords

Text messaging is also called SMS or short message service. It allows you to send messages up to 160 characters to another device quickly and conveniently. 

To get started, organizations should select a mobile keyword. This is a single word, typically the name of the company or a similar variation that is easier to spell and remember.

Your employees can then opt-in on receiving messages by texting this keyword to a 5 or 6 digit number called a shortcode.

Compose your Auto Reply

Once employees opt-in for text messaging, you need to initiate an appropriate response and let them know what to expect. Keep the auto-reply simple and light. Here is an example: Thanks for choosing to receive company alerts via text! If you have any questions, contact Joe in Human Resources.

Inform Your Staff

This is not a marketing program, but you still want to ensure that all your employees opt-in so that everybody is in the loop. Otherwise, your communication efforts will go in vain. So encourage opt-ins by sharing the information through emails, social media channels, newsletters, flyers. You can also ask the manager to share the details with their team.

Keep Employees in the Loop

Once you have all your employees enrolled in the text messaging campaign, it’s time to start using texting to enhance internal communication. You can fire out those messages that you want to convey to use this communication channel to its fullest potential. You can also engage in two-way conversations. 

From providing regular updates of new policies, meeting reminders, payroll updates to HR updates, weather alerts, and more, communicate frequently with employees. Make sure that you compose effective messages that convey the announcements you want to make aptly with the relevant call to action links to drive further action.

Know the Benefits of Using Texting for Various Processes

Texting can be used within organizations for numerous business processes, including:

  • Recruiting wherein personalized communication or targeted messaging with prospects can be done
  • Increase read and response rates of important internal communication for meeting reminders and other administrative announcements
  • Soliciting feedback and sending quick text survey
  • Sending personalized messages with an effective call to action to open enrolment plans, newsletter, sign up for training or events, and more

Help your human resource department operate optimally by utilizing text messaging to maximize corporate benefits, streamline communications, and optimize the recruitment and training process.

Considering that most text messages are not missed, it’s easy to see why employers are opting for texting to enhance internal communication. Keep your communication going with a simple tool easily available to all and ensure that everybody is on the same page.

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