Where Is Ashley Britt McArthur Today? Her Husband, Taylor Wright

Ashley McArthur

Ashley McArthur is a former CSI investigator who killed her close friend, Taylor Wright. According to prosecutors, Ashley killed and then buried Taylor under potted soil and concrete. Her buried body was found in North Escambia County. Additionally, prosecutors said that Ashley killed Taylor to take her $34,000. 

Read through the article to know more about Ashley. Additionally, know more about how Ashley killed Taylor.

Who Is Ashley McArthur?

Ashley’s real name is Ashley Britt McArthur. Initially, she was working in the crime investigation. The surprising fact is that she was the close friend of the victim, Taylor Wright. 

Taylor was undergoing a divorce process from her spouse, Jeff Wright. The couple had a joint account from which Taylor withdrew a bulk amount. It was around $100,000 and the part of such an amount, Taylor gave it to Ashley to have it for later. But, the former crime technician took the money and killed Taylor too.

The Murder Incident:

Taylor was staying with her live-in girlfriend, Cassandra. She informed Cassandra about Ashley. Even Cassandra was the one with whom Taylor was messaging last. She even suddenly stopped texting Cassandra. This created a big doubt for Cassandra. But later after some time, Taylor texted that she wants some time to get her life back on track.

But Ashley sent this message to avoid getting doubts. When Taylor was missing, the officials started searching everywhere. But Cassandra informed them that she went to meet Ashley, after which she was missing.

Thus, they even searched Ashley’s home. Finally, they found Taylor’s body buried under cement and soil in one of Ashley’s family farms.

Where Is Ashley Today?

Finally, the police arrested Ashley for murdering Taylor. According to the police, she was shot dead, as they found a bullet hole in Taylor’s skull. Many people from Ashley McArthur and Victim’s side appeared in court.

Ashley McArthur’s husband, Zachary McArthur even stood for the prosecutions. Initially, he said that he had no idea where Taylor was. Additionally, Ashley’s former boyfriend, Brandon Beaty appeared in court to investigate Ashley.

The officials got the bank cheque as proof and Ashley deposited Taylor’s money in her account. Additionally, on 9th September 2017, Ashley purchased potting soil and concrete from a shop. It was recorded on surveillance footage. She bought such things to bury Taylor’s body.

This murder case reached its final stage after getting many trials. Ashley was charged for doing first-degree murder. Before murdering Taylor, she was already in jail for doing some fraudulent work. For such unrelated crimes, she needs to serve 7 years in prison. 

Ashley is in the Lowell Correctional Institution, where she is serving her life sentence now. She is in a women’s prison located in Ocala, Florida, Northwest of Orlando.


Thus, Ashley got punished for what she did to Taylor. In addition, to serving for the murder of Taylor, Ashley is also serving for unrelated crimes in prison.

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