Why Elderly Facilities Need Professional Aged Care Landscape Maintenance

aged care landscape maintenance

Although a “home for the aged” is already a step towards ensuring that elderly clients are given the utmost care, aged care landscape maintenance is a completely different level. Besides the obvious aesthetic factor, there are benefits to maintaining your establishment’s faculties… all to ensure a healthy environment for your residents.

Here are facts about why the aged care landscape maintenance is much more important than many tend to believe.

Aged Landscape Care Maintenance: Physical Benefits

Resident Protection

“Resident protection” here has to do with guaranteeing that every resident is able to walk throughout the facility whilst remaining “safe”— with a lower risk of incurring injuries. It has been found that grounds maintenance is a major variable in causing “falls” or accidents.

Poorly maintained terrain is oftentimes what leads to elderly men and women slipping, tripping, and/or falling to the ground. This is especially true of gardens that are lined with uneven and/or slippery walkways and unkempt lawns.

To Assist With Mobility

Elderly clients usually have trouble getting from one place to the next. At this point, joint and muscle pain may already be chronic, and walking can be as much a chore like any other. But professional grounds maintenance can aid in lessening discomfort and pain in said body parts.

How? By keeping surfaces levelled and traction-fitted.

Inclines and bumps can be done away with through landscaping maintenance. Soiled areas can be managed so as to retain a level of moisture while still allowing them to be walkable and firm. Walkways can be reconstructed and reconditioned with non-slip materials. And said lawn components are to be preserved by lawn maintenance professionals to ascertain safe mobility of patients from here on.

Aged Care Maintenance: Mental And/Or Psychological Benefits

Anxiety And Stress Relief

Aged care landscape maintenance doesn’t only impact the physical aspect of patients. It affects their mental and/or psychological well-being, too. Studies have shown that being in the midst of a well-cared-for environment allows the brain’s hippocampus to trace back good memories in one’s memory bank.

And when said well-cared-for surroundings are a constant in their day-to-day, mental health can be achieved without the need to resort to synthetic medication and/or treatment.

A View To The World, Outside The Patient’s Quarters

Psychologists concur that ageing men and women, whether staying with family or entrusted to the supervision of elderly care institutions, go through some form of isolation. This may be tied-in with how they are no longer able to perform tasks they used to, go outside of their quarters as frequently, and are more dependent on others now more than before.

Although the staff of a home for the aged will do their best to shower them with assistance and attention, this can be reinforced in their surroundings, too. By giving them a view of the “world outside”.

Even if your facility’s gardens and lawns are well within the borders of your property, being in the midst of beautiful garden landscapes through aged care landscape maintenance service is an approach to letting them feel that they are not isolated. That they are not “trapped” within the elderly residential establishment.

Aged Care Maintenance: Social Benefit

Your commercial landscaping partner is crucial in transforming the exterior of your property into one that’s inviting. It’s a place to meet for group gatherings and resident socializing. Granted that said aged residents are to be monitored by their carers every so often, they can use the open space to socialize with other aged patients in the area.

This gesture makes them feel less isolated, as mentioned above. It also fosters their skills in socializing with others. It is an indirect manner of rebuilding their self-confidence. Another indirect reward is that they will begin to re-immerse themselves in the community around them, whether within the confines of the home itself, their neighbourhood, or beyond.

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