How Did Squidward Die? Find The Truth Behind The TikTok Trend

How Did Squidward Die

A large number of people on the internet are now wondering how did Squidward die. Hence this means that this Tiktok trend has gained a viral audience base. The range of curiosity is increasing with every passing day. Are you one of those people who is wondering about the same thing?

Well, then we have got you covered in this article. Keep on reading to find out the elaborate truth behind how did Squidward die and more.

SpongeBob SquarePants popularity

The character Squidward is from the immensely popular animated series SpongeBob SquarePants. You will find countless millions of people addicted to this show worldwide. Hence the character Squidward is somewhat a very essential part of our consciousness.

Comedy is known for many reasons. Over the years it has explored many vital topics at large. hence many people still go on to venerate the show a lot.

A comedy character for all

What is unique about the comedy character Squidward is that it is meant for all. Thus you will find children relating to the free-spiritedness of it. They find it immensely attractive.

On the other side of the spectrum, adults are attracted to the pessimistic viewpoint of it. Therefore, there is something for everyone in this character. Naturally, it is imperative that people will love the character.

Reflection of Reality in Squidward

Squidward is a reflection of reality. Hence we find that his living conditions are because of poor working scenarios and lack of peace. Thus it becomes even more relatable for countless pessimistic adults out there.

Tiktok trend about Squidward

Millions of people around the world make Tiktok videos. Thus we find something appealing about the viral content of such videos. Recently one such trend has caught up in popularity. You will find that tentacles have begun to spread across the app. Hence it might surely weird you out.

Many other users are facing the same problem. Therefore, they are looking to Google to search how did Squidward die. The trend is about recording a video clip of themselves before and after Googling the following sentence online.

What does the first result say?

The first result says that Squidwad killed himself with a shotgun. It happened in a lost episode of SpongeBob SquarePants called ‘Squidward’s Suicide,’ also known as ‘Red Mist,’.

The root of the trend

The root of the trend can be traced back to the website CreepyPasta. Hence as the name suggests there is a host of creepy stuff there. You will find horror-related urban tales there. All of these are widely circulated on the internet. Therefore, the scope of becoming viral is very easy in this case.

Who posted it?

A user from 7chan’s /x/paranormal site has posted this traumatic story. However, the identity of the user isn’t known yet.

The user said that he viewed a copy of the episode ‘Fear of the Krabby Patty’ with a group of other individuals while working at Nickelodeon as an intern.

The content of the video

Firstly you will find Squidward poorly playing his clarinet. Then he will be interrupted by SpongeBob and Patrick giggling. His rehearsal doesn’t go well. The audience boos him. Thus he feels sad. Humiliated he starts sobbing. Weird voices rule the background. All of a sudden we find Squidward killing himself. Thus this is the basic content of the video.

One can find children relating to the free-spiritedness of it. Adults relate to his pessimism. Recently a viral video shows him killing himself.


  • Who is Squidward?

Squidward is a character from the comedy SpongeBob SquarePants.

  • What is the Squidward video all about?

The Squidward video shows Squidward killing himself.

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