Why Is A Smart TV Required to Make A Home Perfect?

Smart TV Required to Make A Home Perfect

There was a time when television sets were only meant to show pictures through cables or antennas. Things have changed drastically over the past two decades. Box TV sets have become obsolete, while plasma and LCD TVs are considered antiquated. While some of us still rely on TV antennas and satellite dishes to get feed on our TV screens, there are better ways to consume content.

The most popular option is purchasing a smart TV. On the surface, it might sound facetious; how can a TV be “smart”? However, smart appliances have become extremely popular, as they provide greater convenience, and offer the kind of futuristic functionality that we’ve grown accustomed to, while watching Hollywood movies. Imagine being able to control your appliance at home, while you’re sitting somewhere else, or even better, being able to control all the appliances at home through a remote device, such as your smartphone!

Every modern household requires a smart TV. Here are a few reasons why.

Reasons why Every Modern Household Requires a Smart TV:

  • Easy Access

There was a time when you had to scramble to find the channel you wanted to see. However, by purchasing a smart TV, you will have easy access to any and all type of content you want to watch on the TV screen. Smart TVs come with intuitive navigation, along with Google Assistant, so that you can find your desired content in a matter of seconds. For instance, if you have purchased the Xiaomi 4A Pro 32-inch HD Ready Smart LED TV, widely considered to be the best TV in India  in the budget segment, the smart TV comes with PatchWall, which provides easier navigation and personalized selection of movies and TV shows, while you can use Google Assistant to search for content for smarter viewing experience. You no longer have to spend time manually searching for movies or shows, when you can just command Google Assistant to do the work for you!

  • Surf the Web

Similarly, you don’t have to depend on your laptop or your smartphone to surf the web. Using your smart TV, you can not only search for movies, TV shows, stream online content through OTT platforms or watch videos on YouTube, but you can also access social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter! Smart TVs give users greater freedom, and this includes the ability to access their social media accounts using their TV sets.

  • Budget-Friendly Options

When smart TVs initially hit the stores, the average consumer would have believed that the TV was out of their budget. However, today, one can find smart TV models for less than Rs. 10,000! Brands like Xiaomi, VU and more recently, OnePlus have released feature-rich models at extremely attractive prices.

 We can take the example of Mi 32 inch led tv price, which costs the consumers around Rs. 12,499. Similarly, OnePlus smart TVs and VU 32-inch LED TVs are affordably priced, while even Samsung currently offers a 32-inch smart TV for less than Rs. 15,000. These TVs come with wide viewing angles, displays with fewer bezels, better audio output, and offer an all-round superior TV viewing experience. Smart TVs, as compared to traditional LED TVs, make our homes smarter.

  • Universal Remote

With technological advancements come innovative ways to make our lives easier. We now have universal remote control, which can be used not only to control our smart TVs, but our entertainment systems as well. You can now pair your smart devices with your smart TV, and use a single remote to control them without the need for any complex and convoluted connections.

For example, Samsung offers the Samsung One Remote Control, which can be used to control all the external devices that are connected to the smart TV. These devices can be detected using Auto Detection, without the need for any additional setup.

  • Control the TV Using Smartphone

Another easy way to control your smart TV is by using your smartphone. Whether you cannot find the TV’s remote, or do not want to get up and fetch it from the other side of the room, you can use your smartphone to control the TV’s volume, or opt to watch other types of content. If you have an Android TV, you just have to download the Android TV Remote Control app on your smartphone. Alternatively, if you own a Samsung smart TV, you can use the SmartThings app to connect your smartphone to your TV, and use it to control your Samsung smart TV!

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