6 Tips for Beachside Business Marketing Success


The sun-kissed sands, the waves, the pleasant breeze; there’s something magical about the ambiance of a beach that draws people from miles around. For businesses fortunate enough to operate in the coastal area, the potential for a flourishing customer base is as vast as the ocean itself. 

However, while the natural allure of the sea is a magnet, it takes strategic marketing to convert the beach’s short-lived audience into loyal customers. Here are six essential tips for beachside business to ride the wave of marketing success and ensure that the sun always shines on your brand.

Embrace the Beach Aesthetic

Visual branding has the power to transport customers to their happy place. For beachside business, this means that every visual touchpoint, from logos to websites, must capture the essence of the shore. 

Colors that evoke sea and sun, like azure blues and sandy yellows, can infuse a brand with a seaside spirit. Pictures of your service or product against a backdrop of ocean or sandy shores can be a powerful marketing tool, summarizing the experience awaiting any customer. 

Even packaging that’s sea-inspired can become a sought-after beachside accessory.

Leverage Local Partnerships

In a beachside community, other businesses are not just competitors; they are allies in creating an experience. Forming partnerships offers mutual benefits that can extend the reach of your marketing.

Beachside Business

Consider cross-promotions with surf schools, yoga retreats, or local artists. Jointly host beach festivities or organized events that highlight each other’s services. Even just referring customers to neighboring businesses can foster a sense of community and trust.

Engage with the Community

Beachside enterprises have a unique opportunity to show their support and love for the neighborhood by engaging in activities that go beyond selling. This could mean being a sponsor for a beach volleyball tournament or hosting regular beach clean-ups. 

A simple yet effective way to reinforce community ties is by giving back. Create personalized beach totes with logo or towels and distribute them during local events or as part of a charity drive. Your logo on the tote can become a flag of community support that can be seen all along the beachside.

Optimize for Local SEO

Beachside business thrive on foot traffic and local support, which means dominating local search rankings is key. Ensure your website and online profiles are optimized for local search by including beach-specific keywords and phrases in your content.

This includes your business’s exact beachfront location, the town name, and terminology that locals or vacationers might use to find what they need near the beach.

Activate Google My Business to make sure potential customers can find you via Google Maps and local searches. Be vigilant about updates, posting content, and soliciting and responding to reviews, all while maintaining a tone and images that speaks to your beach culture.

Utilize Social Media Effectively

Use social media channels to capture the beach in real-time with vibrant photos, engaging videos, and stories from your customers or staff. Encourage user-generated content with branded hashtags for beachgoers to share their experiences. 

Also, don’t forget to interact with your followers and other businesses. Like, comment, and share content to create a social media community.

Offer Beachside Exclusive Promotions

Use promotions to attract visitors and create a reason for locals to return. This could take the form of a “Sunset Special” for early evening diners, a “Beach Bonfire Bundle” for groups, or discounted surf lessons for families. 

Consider loyalty programs for repeat customers, where they can earn rewards such as free beach gear, meal vouchers, or even tickets to local events.

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