Sydney Brooke Simpson – Meet The Daughter Of O.J.’ (NFL) player

Sydney Brooke Simpson

The daughter of the infamous OJ Simpson is Sydney Brooke Simpson. Millions of people know OJ Simpson for his trial involving the killing of his wife. You can even find a Netflix series based on it. Hence it is natural that there will be a lot of curiosity regarding his daughter.

Unfortunately, the media does not have much access to her personal life. During the trial, there was a lot of coverage. But then things died down. Thus we do not have adequate information about her.

But that doesn’t stop your mind from wondering, right? You might think about where is currently or what she is up to, or whether she is married or not. Hence let us then dive directly into the fascinating life of Sydney Brooke Simpson.


☛ Real Name Sydney Brooke Simpson
☛ Birthday October 17, 1985 (age 34 years)
☛ Birthplace United States
☛ Zodiac Sign Libra
☛ Nationality American
☛ Ethnicity Caucasian
☛ Profession American real estate investor
☛ Dating/Boyfriend No
☛ Married/Husband Unknown
☛ Salary/Income Under Review
☛ Net Worth $10 Thousand
☛ Parents O. J. Simpson, Nicole Brown’s Simpson
☛ Siblings Justin Ryan Simpson, Arnelle Simpson, Jason Simpson, Aaren Simpson

Hidden identity

Sydney Brooke Simpson was always aware of the media attention she got. Hence she had to change her identity for this. Thus we see that she wanted to stay out of the limelight.

Some basic details

As she was born in 1985, currently she will be about 37. Astrologically she is a Libra. Moreover, her religion is Christianity. She went on to complete her education at Boston University. Thus we see that education was always a priority for her. Eventually, this Afro-American woman became a realtor and a businesswoman. Hence it is evident from both these occupations that she really is talented.

Net worth

You might wonder about the net worth of Sydney Brooke Simpson. Hence we conducted a bit of research on this. There are conflicting reports. But the ballpark figure is around 1.2 million dollars in 2023.

Family background

Sydney Brooke Simpson has a brother as well. Her mother, Nicole Brown Simpson, is the second wife of OJ Simpson. Nicole was a waitress.

A Tale of infidelity

OJ Simpson was already married to his first wife when he met Nicole. Thus we find the seeds of infidelity in this case. He divorced his first wife back in 1979 and proceeded to marry Nicole.

Tragic background

The life of Sydney Brooke Simpson has other tragedies apart from the trial of her father. Thus let us find out about that now. You see, one of her half-siblings died by drowning. Hence it is something that leaves a profound emotional impact at large.

Her father

OJ Simpson was an illustrious footballer initially. He was a family man as well. But eventually, his marriage with Nicole did not work out as well. Therefore, we find that the couple ended in divorce. But Sydney Brooke Simpson saw a few years. 

Moreover, he had many TV and movie credits as well. Yes, undoubtedly, he was a popular celebrity to reckon with.

Current status

Currently, Sydney Brooke Simpson is very busy with her career. She has a long and illustrious career to reckon with. Thus her dedication towards all these is imminent in this regard.

She runs a business with her brother. The business is very successful. Hence her abilities are well-determined. She also works as a special events manager at Canoe Restaurant. Therefore, her multitasking abilities are realized here.

Her dating life

She had a boyfriend back in school. For a while, she was linked to politician Robert Blackmon. However, he publicly denied their relationship later.


  • Who is Sydney Brooke Simpson?

Sydney Brooke Simpson is the daughter of the infamous OJ Simpson.

  • Is Sydney Brooke Simpson married?

No, she isn’t married.

  • Is Sydney Brooke Simpson her original identity?

Yes, but it is also true that Sydney Brooke Simpson had to hide her identity for a while.

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