Do Home Depot Truck Rentals Have Lift Gates?

Home Depot Truck Rentals Have Lift Gates

One of the most pressing issues you have to deal with when moving to a new house is truck rental. Home Depot has the right solution for people who need to move to a new house within their State limits. Even though there is no mileage limit, you have an hourly charge for these trucks. 

Home Depot has decided to offer its customers liftgate trucks. These are easier to load since you simply have to get your boxes placed on the lift door. Then the elevator mechanism can take them from the ground to the level of the truck storage space. It’s the easiest way to move without carrying boxes and aggravating your back, feeling an unbearable pain that could be permanent. 

Here are some tips about liftgate trucks for rent from Home Depot. Their function may seem easy to understand, but you should always be cautious about the elevation hydraulic system of the lift door. 

Never Go Over the Loading Limit

Every lift door has a specific limit of weight it can elevate. You should never exceed that limit to ensure a safe operation. Placing the boxes or other heavy items close to the rear part of the lift door is the best practice. Then you need to click the buttons to elevate the door to the truck storage level and drag the boxes inside. Using a pallet trolley with wheels to move it would make it a lot easier for you to load more boxes on the Home Depot truck.

Use the Liftgate Only For Loads And Not For Persons

It would be dangerous to step on the liftgate and try to get elevated with the load. Liftgates can easily get you injured by catching your hands or feet in the hydraulic mechanism. Also, your balance is not the same when being on the liftgate. The best practice would be to have another person on the Home Depot truck receive the boxes you are elevating on the liftgate and who could easily place them inside the storage space.

Prefer Using the Liftgate Trucks With Zero Apparent Damages

Home Depot is a company that takes care of its vehicles. However, there are times when higher work volume could leave some liftgate trucks without the proper repairs. Renting a truck with apparent damages in the body parts or the liftgate will make it harder and more time-consuming to move to your new house. 

Liftgates are gentle mechanisms needing constant lubrication and calibration to work better. Home Depot mechanics should have full maintenance after each rental period to check if the liftgate mechanism works properly and is safe to operate. Remember that you also need to have a truck with an operable transmission system, good brakes, and new tires to be sure that your relocation would be done easier and smoother than ever before. 

Give Extra Care to The Load Balance

You often want to get the job done in a few hours, ignoring the guidelines of liftgates safe operation. It could take more time to elevate your boxes and heavy items with care and extra focus on the weight balance. The liftgate in such trucks is nothing more than an even metallic surface where you can place your boxes to get elevated. When you place all the heavy stuff on the front side, you create adverse conditions for the hydraulic mechanism and potentially reflect the liftgate operation.

It wouldn’t be that expensive to pay for several more hours to give yourself sufficient time. Placing the boxes in a balanced way on the liftgate ensures you will have it operating safely at all times, and your relocation would certainly happen within the day. The same precautions also apply for the unloading of your boxes on reaching your destination.

Avoid Repairing the Liftgate Mechanism By Yourself

Although you may feel confident of resolving a sudden breakdown of the liftgate elevating mechanism, you shouldn’t try to repair it by yourself. These mechanisms are gentle and have several springs where the hydraulic pressure power concentrates on elevating the gate. Working with these mechanisms requires several years of expertise that only Home Depot mechanics can boast of. 

Renting a liftgate truck from Home Depot is a reality since the store decided to offer these trucks against the older ones with the old-fashioned rear doors. They are easy to drive and a lot easier to operate since less human effort is necessary to load and unload the truck. Performing your relocation in less than a day is possible with liftgate trucks from Home Depot.