How To Choose An Office Phone Booth? Start With A Smell Test

Office Phone Booth

The modern office has evolved, and corporations have embraced open-plan working areas. At first, the setup was intended to enhance teamwork and utilize space. Like any other new trend, the co-working culture came with many challenges. Noise, constant distractions, and lack of privacy dominate most shared workspaces. To avert the problem, many companies opt for office phone booths. Read on to learn more on how to choose an office phone booth. 

Do I Need An Office Phone Booth?

A lot has changed as in the past, companies relied on mail, fax, and office messengers. The penetration of advanced technology and the world wide web has seen a paradigm shift in the way we work. Email replaced the traditional “snail mail” and revolutionized corporate communication. Loads of files can move from one side of the globe to the other in a split second. 

Then came the ultimate gamechanger. Video conferencing replaced how boardrooms operate. You can have a virtual meeting with a person located abroad without spending on travel. But despite all these developments, the open-plan office setup still faces a problem. 

One of the biggest challenges in shared offices is privacy. Imagine having a virtual meeting with a high-level investor from a noisy office. This necessitates the need for a secluded space where privacy thrives. And the most viable solution is having an office phone booth. But, what are the factors to consider when selecting one? Let’s have a look. 

Take A Smell Test

Office phone booths should be soundproof to serve their purpose. For that reason, some manufacturers use harmful adhesives to seal off the joints. Some soundproofing glues produce toxic fumes that are characterized by a weird smell. 

Some composite wood frames used in making booths have an adhesive with formaldehyde. The chemical, popular for its embalming qualities, is common in furniture-making industrial materials. Inhaling excessive amounts of the chemical may cause health effects on your body. Therefore, the presence of a weird smell in a phone booth could have more meaning in it healthwise. 

Energy Efficiency

Some office booths feature a “sunroof” to allow natural light into the compartment. Others have clear doors or walls that create an illusional open space for the user. Full-length clear doors and walls also help you to know whether the booth is occupied or not. 

The see-through features are good, but they may deny you the visual privacy you need while using the booth. Onlookers can tell the kind of conversation you are having from your expressions. If you opt for a closed booth that uses artificial lights, consider its energy efficiency. 

Size Matters

An open office plan’s main agenda is to utilize the available space. It’s therefore prudent to consider the size of the booth you’re buying. Office phone booths come in a variety of sizes. Some can accommodate a single user, while others can hold a group of six. 

When choosing, go for a booth that serves your company’s needs without a large footprint. Swinging doors tend to limit the booth’s flexibility in terms of where to place it. You can choose one with sliding doors as this will save space. 

Occupational safety comes first in every workspace. Don’t overlook the safety of the booth’s occupants when selecting a particular design. Ensure that there are no obstacles on the exit path in case of an emergency. 

Visual Appeal

Of course, no one wants to invest in an ugly structure that spoils the pomp and color in the office. While functionality should guide your choice, booths should also have some aesthetic qualities. Some manufacturers allow you to choose custom interior and exterior colors and styles. This helps them to create a booth that rhymes with your corporate brand. 


An office phone booth should not feel like solitary confinement. It should be as conducive as the rest of the office since it’s also a working area. The booth’s design should allow the free flow of air to and from the compartment. Better still, the user should be able to adjust the flow to their comfort. Some designs have an automated temperature and odor control system that saves energy.

You should not compromise the benefits of an open office plan over privacy. Office phone booths give you a lasting solution without affecting space or productivity. This information will help you make an informed choice before buying an office booth.