What Is The Most Accurate Translator App?

Accurate Translator App

Hundreds of languages exist today, but unfortunately, no one is fluent in all the languages spoken worldwide. You might have a text that needs translation, an audience that needs your attention, a letter that needs to be written in a language you lack knowledge of. Other times, you may find yourself in a sticky situation abroad. All these situations call for quick hiring of a top-rated translation agency in London from a reliable, knowledgeable translation services agency.

But what if there’s a faster way? Leading companies have created several apps to clear the language barrier and convey accurate messages to your audience. These apps come with a vast collection of features that obliterate any room for doubt and bring translation at its best. Here is the most accurate translator app you’ll find today.

iTranslate App

iTranslate is a top-rated translation and dictionary app for everyone. For over a decade, iTranslate has helped students, travelers, business people, and other professionals translate, speak, read, and write in over 100 languages worldwide.

Its main features include: 

  • Camera translation – This feature comes in handy whenever there’s a menu you can’t read or understand. The camera scans whatever symbols/characters you find on the menu, cards, and the app does the rest.
  • Voice translation – iTranslate allows users to speak in their language and then translates it into a language of their desire.
  • Keyboard translation – With iTranslate, you can stay connected to your friends and family around the world. It offers accurate translations directly in your messaging app.
  • Text translation – features autocomplete and alternative translations.
  • .Offline translation – Many translation apps work only when connected to the internet, but iTranslate offers something different. Offline translation delivers accurate translation without an internet connection. So say goodbye to the limited capabilities and hello to your preferred language with minimized costs.

So far, iTranslate has gained popularity from thousands of users across iTunes and Google Play. You can find it in free basic and pro versions for iTunes and Google Play. The basic version comes with accurate phrases in over 100 languages. However, you might want to try the pro version, which comes with offline language packs, cam translation, website translation, and other features for a monthly or yearly subscription ($5.99 per month or $49.99 a year).

Next Alternative: Google Translate

If you’re more into fast, easy translator apps that offer accurate translations and other extended features, why not try Google Translate? This app houses tons of features under one roof and helps users translate over 100 languages in a simple, convenient way. 

  • Text translation – You can type and translate between 108 languages on Google Translate.
  • Instant camera translation – Menus, ads, the printed text can now be translated easily. Just point your camera towards the text, and Google Translate will do the rest.
  • Offline translation – Much like other translator apps, Google Translate offers offline access to 59 languages without an active internet connection.
  • Handwriting translations – Some characters might not be present on your keyboard. With Google Translate, you can draw what you see and get accurate translations. Unfortunately, this feature covers 96 languages.
  • Translations for bilingual conversations for up to 70 languages.

Google Translate remains one of the most popular translator apps of all time, thanks to convenience and simplicity. According to a recent survey, it has an 85% accuracy which is still impressive according to thousands of users. It uses a translation algorithm named Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) which works by separating phrases into individual words and finding a match for their database.

Google Translate is freely available for iOS, Android, and pcs. 

Other Translator Apps Options

If iTranslate and Google Translate don’t fit your style, there are many other equally viable translation apps out there. For instance, you might consider trying TripLingo, which connects you to the culture of the surrounding people. Other apps like Papago tap deeper into Asian dialects to produce accurate translations in text and voice forms. You can also try out:

  • Microsoft Translator – free app suitable for business
  • iTranslate Voice
  • SayHi
  • Dictionary Linguee (free)

Choosing the right app for your translations boils down to your needs. Some apps cover more languages than others, while other apps niche down to local, regional languages. Despite the differences, it would be best if you did not sacrifice accuracy. That’s because you want to send the right message to your listener at all times.

Reliable Translation Services for All

Everyone deserves accurate translation services they can count on. But, sadly, even the most accurate translator apps may not be enough to get the message right. That is why having a human touch in your translations exists – to get the words, context, and the quality of the message right.