Insurance Agents: What to Look for When Signing a Contract

Insurance Agents

Many insurance companies hire agents that will most likely spend the first months networking. Your manager will remind you that your sole purpose is looking for potential clients. Most of them care about the number of new contracts you bring to the insurance company, not even your competence in the product. 

As a result, many agents struggle so much before they start earning a sales commission. However, some companies may provide a little pay for a start, but such companies are getting rare. You may also be lucky to find an insurance company that offers some compensation, maybe for the first two months. 

Some have lengthy contracting and appointment programs, while others, like Ambetter contracting, have made things easier for insurance agents. This article discusses what an insurance agent should look for in an insurance company before signing a contract.

The Commissions Paid

Insurance companies can hire you either as a captive agent or an independent agent; when you are a captive agent, you are entitled to work for only one company. But you can work for several insurance companies as an independent agent. In whichever position, an insurance agent will spend most of the time marketing the company, issuing new quotes and encouraging them to purchase a new insurance plan. 

As a captive agent, your paychecks may be commissions, salary or a combination of both. You can also be a full-time employee with specific roles designated to you and enjoy all the employee benefits. But being an independent agent, you sell insurance policies from various companies and get paid exclusively on a commission basis. 

That means the insurance company will pay a specific commission for every policy you sell. Depending on the terms you like, you should check this when signing a contract such as an Ambetter contracting program.

Low-Cost Insurance Plans

Of course, clients will shy away from expensive insurance plans, but this doesn’t mean cheap insurance plans are better; what matters most is the quality of the coverage they receive from the paid insurance plan. 

If you choose an insurance type such as health insurance, you can sell the medical plan, Medicare supplements, disability plans, long-term health care plans and many more. However, you should choose an insurance company that offers effective care at the least cost for the policy to be more selling to potential clients.

Understand Your Job Descriptions

Several types of insurance include health, property, and life insurance. However, the earnings and duties for each kind of insurance vary. You should check your job description when signing Ambetter contracting. For instance, a life insurance sales agent may earn more than others because they mainly focus on protecting businesses, families and employers against financial loss in case the one dies.


When deciding which insurance company to sign a contract with, like Ambetter contracting, always consider the amount of commission paid for the various duties designated to you. Also, check whether the insurance company allows you to work as an independent or a captive agent where you are only supposed to work for one company. 

Also, check the cost of their various insurance plans; of course, low-cost plans sell best to new customers, but even though the company provides a low-cost plan, the insurance should meet the needs of the consumers.

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