Hazbin Hotel: What We Know And What We Do Not Know

Hazbin Hotel Episode 2

Apart from the removal of the hiatus of HunterXHunter, what most of the otakus are waiting for is the Hazbin Hotel Episode 2. The first episode was released in 2019. And it is almost 2 years since the production house released the second episode. Although it has been quite some time, most fans are still eager to catch the second episode of the exciting anime. 

If you are one of those who stuck to this anime, then we have good news for you. It seems that there is the hope of Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 releasing. Rather soon. Yes, you read it right. The first episode ended on a gripping note. With fangs hanging to get more, let’s see what we have in the second episode. 

Hazbin Hotel watchers must know that there are many things that the fans are wishing for. But whether they will get to see it happen is still unknown. One of the first things that the fans are waiting for is the release date for the second episode. To see the anime again, many signed a petition to assure that the production team turns it into a series. 

Hazbin Hotel Episode 2

Due to the grip of the fans on the matter and boosting the popularity of the series, the production dropped one episode of Hazbin Hotel. The hype delivered and many immediately fell in love with the series. However, after the release of the first episode, there was a long pause. However, now, after much voice raised, Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 is about to come out. 

So Let’s Zoom In Thoroughly To Clarify Some Facts About The Hazbin Hotel… 

Hazbin Hotel is a popular American adult musical Television series. It falls under the category of dark comedy, drama, and musical. The creator, as well as the director of the anime, is Viviene “Vivziepop” Medrano. The creator managed to release the pilot episode of the series on October 28th, 2019. And due to the rising popularity of the anime, it recorded 44 million views alone on Youtube.

After the release of the first episode, many fans are eagerly waiting for the second episode. The anime series has recorded a high demand. Moreover, the production studio is aware of the viewership. A-24 announced plans to take the anime into production. They decided to turn it into a full-fledged series. Initially, the series received up to 23 million views on one day on their official channel alone. 

However, after just one episode, the production house stopped rolling with the second episode. After receiving millions of requests to release episode 2, it seems the production house is finally deciding something on it. Although officially the creators have not spilled their beans on the release date of the second episode. However, we can assume that it is not far away because of the demands of the fans. 

Let’s Focus On The Most Obvious, And Popular Question, When Will Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 Release?

The creator of the American dark comedy series has not released any press release on the matter. Moreover, they have not even affirmed the time when they will choose to release it. However, given the popularity of the first episode, we can see that the second episode is not far. Although any rumors are on social media platforms, that is what they are, just rumors. 

The creators have not confirmed the rumors on social media. So you can assume that they are not official dates and there is no proof that they are one. When it comes to predicting the release date of Hazbin Hotel, no one knows. However, one can say that the petition is doing its thing. Although the production studio has not given any updates. The commotion has surely stirred them. 

It is due to the coronavirus pandemic that many shows, movies, and animation took a backseat. As it happens Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 is one of them. However, now that things are settling, and the fans are demanding episode 2, one can say that the team is on the move to start the project for episode 2. So, one can assume that they may release episode two in the coming year. However, depending on the situation of the pandemic, they can also push it to 2022. 

Though, if they follow the optimal scheduling option based on seasons, then one can say that there is a high chance of the episode releasing in October. Hence, they may release the episode in October 2021. Although it is unlikely, a fool can only hope. All you have to do is to follow the production house on social media for any updates. 

Who Is The Artist That May Make A Comeback For The Second Episode?

As we mentioned earlier, you must follow the production team to know of any news about Hazbin Hotel Episode 2. However, if you cannot, then rely on us. As soon as they release on the official date of the release, you will be the first to read. Until then, let us catch up with the cast of episode one. 

Although we may not be sure about the release date, we are sure about the voice-over artists. All the artists that voiced the main and side characters will surely come back for the second episode. Hence, all your favorite artists will come back to entertain you again. So let’s see who voiced whom. 

  • Jill Harris voiced Charlotte “Charlie” Magne. 
  • Monica Franco voiced Vagatha “Vaggie”. 
  • Michael Kovach voiced Anthony “Angel Dust”. 
  • Edward Bosco voiced Alastor “Radio Demon”. 
  • Michelle Marie voiced Niffty. 
  • Mick Lauer, uttered the dialogues of Husk “Husker”. 
  • Will Stamper voiced the character of Sir Pentious. 
  • Krystal La Porte voiced Cherri Bomb. 
  • Faye Mata gave voice to Katie Killjoy
  • Joshua Tomar gave the character of Tom Trench. 
  • Joe Gran voiced The Egg Bois. 
  • Finally, Don Darryl Rivera voiced Travis. 

Although we saw these actors in episode one. There are more that will join episode 2. As we all know that the creator will include new characters. Hence, they will include many other artists as well. 

New characters are Exterminators, Velvet, Rosie, Razzle and Dazzle, Vox, Valentino, Baxter, Crimini. Other minor characters they will put in are Helsa Von Eldrich, Mimzy, Molly, Arackniss, Heroin, Villa, Roo, Missi Zilla, Seviathan Von Eldrich, and Frederick von Eldritch.

Hence, to give a voice to these characters, the creator will definitely appoint many other voice actors. 

So, We Can Say That A Bunch Of New Actors Will Join The Cast Soon. 

However, who will voice whom, we do not know. But amidst all these concerns, we can assure you that new characters will come, along with the old ones.  

What Do We Know About The Plot Of Hazbin Hotel Episode 2?

We all know how interesting Hazbin Hotel was. Moreover, the place where the first episode of the series ended, one can say that an exciting turn of events awaits them. The first episode of the series earned huge success. And one can take the number of views on the YouTube channel as proof of that victory. 

With an exciting plot that the first episode captures, it is sure that the creators will come with a bang for episode 2. Episode one ended with Charlie, princess of Hell, and Vaggie, her girlfriend, opening their hotel. The hotel is for the demons and devils. Although they opened a hotel for finances, it was not going well. 

The financier of the hotel, Angel Dust, got into a fight on Live TV. It not only needed the reputation of the hotel but made the plot very dramatic. Because it is at this point that a new character comes. Alastor, a famous demon, wants to help Charlie. Though Sir Pentious tried to take down their plan, however, everyone managed to defeat him later. 

Later on, they changed the name of the hotel from Happy Hotel to Hazbin Hotel. So, now we know the source of the name of the series. Each character in episode one has a unique personality. It gives the plot what every viewer wants, that is a thrill. So, one can assure that a gripping plot will await them for Hazbin Hotel Episode 2. 

Have They Released Any Trailer For Episode 2? 

Well, the straight answer for this is that there is no official trailer for the second episode out yet. All the otakus have been waiting for the return of the series. But the official production team has not uploaded anything on the series. Let alone the trailer. 

As the petition of the series has gotten to the ears of the production team, we believe that they might get on it soon. Hence, the date for the anime release and the trailer as well is yet to be released. The creators have kept a tight lip on the matter. But we are sure that the trailer for the next part is coming soon.

Hazbin Hotel Episode 2(2021) Release Date, Spoilers, Watch Online

Ending Note:

With a runtime of 31 minutes, the Hazbin Hotel has captured the hearts of many. The gripping plot and unique characters have created an impact on the viewers. That is why they are still awaiting the return of the second episode of the season. Although the creators have not spilled the tea on the official dates, we believe it is almost here.

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