How Many Jobs Are Available In Metal Fabrications? Amazing Careers For Eager Job Seekers

How Many Jobs Are Available In Metal Fabrications

Metal fabrications are one of the quickly growing industries in the USA. So this industry requires more and more employees and workers every year to thrive. Do you know how many jobs are available in metal fabrications? More than five thousand jobs are there for you. So what are you waiting for? You can start applying for the positions you aspire to work for many years. You can find consistent and high-paying jobs in this industry that never sleeps. 

Find out the best job titles available in the metal fabrications industry below. 

What Happens In The Metal Fabrications Industry?

Metal fabrications is the important process of using metal sheets or rods to make objects. It helps to create tiny tools like screws and also large products like cars and bikes. Therefore if you want to become a part of this industry, get ready to do some work that requires lots of energy and might. You must also understand the essential engineering principles to get a high position. 

The fabricating of metals and building objects is important for the economy of the USA. People purchase cars, bikes and boats, and small things like screws and nails are important for building other larger objects. So this industry provides lots of profit as they play an important role in creating valuable items and objects. 

What Are The Job Positions Available In Metal Fabrications?


The average salary is $35,100 per year or $18 per hour

Hire a Professional Welder

Without welders, the metal fabrication industry cannot function properly. They are the backbone of metal fabrications. Their skills and experience are needed to weld and produce high-quality metal sheets and other products. There are various welding techniques to join metals, and a welder is an expert in all of it. They understand how to rip apart or join metals to create unique objects. 

You can join various welder training programs to become a welder. Many companies offer it. 


The average salary is $34,386 per year or $21.79 per hour


Fabricators also play a major role in metal fabrication. They use many types of metals to create unique products. They are the artists of the metal fabricating world because they know how to use metals to create beneficial products. Sometimes they may use machines to fabricate metals, or they may also manually create products. 

They can produce something as simple as a tool or create cars, boats, bikes or more. There are also fabricators working in the Cinema industry to create metal objects and props for films and TV series.

You have to be qualified in the engineering field to become a Fabricator. 


The average salary is $28,750 per year or $14.74 per hour


The Assemblers are the professionals who use machines to assemble parts that the Machinists create. They read the blueprints and plants to assemble the objects according to them. They also do quality control of the products to check for any flaws. Sometimes they use machines to assemble parts, but they do it manually too. So they have lots of skills and understanding of the metal components to assemble it. 

You require mechanical and technical skills to become a Metal Assembler. 


The average salary is $40,950 per year or $23.76 per hour


The Machinist works in front of a computer system. The people in this position have a great understanding of the materials and the fabrication process. Using their technical skills, they can make a prototype of an object. They can also set up the equipment for the Assemblers to assemble the components.

Further, they check their computer to view the blueprints, sketches and other computer-aided designs to create the precision metal parts. So they try to give excellent results all the time. 

You require computer, technical and engineering skills to become a Machinist. 


 The average salary is $58550 per year or $25.47 per hour


Ironworkers perform physically demanding work in the industry. They shape and assemble the metal parts to meet the customer’s specifications. So they use different kinds of tools to create cars from skyscrapers. They take up lots of projects and try to finish them before the deadline. 

For instance, as part of their job, they erect or demolish old structures to create new ones. They also join the steel girders and columns to create the structural frameworks. 

To become an Ironworker, you must first work as an apprentice to an experienced Ironworker to learn to trade. But basic knowledge of working with metal and using equipment is required. 

Tool and Die Maker 

Tool and Die Maker

The Tool and Die Maker design dies and makes tools for the objects. They know machinery and equipment to repair and maintain them. So they are responsible for all the tooling dies, jigs and fixtures. Also, they create objects based on consumer requirements. 

You must gain in-depth knowledge of the machine tools and their uses to become a Tool and Die Maker. 

Final thoughts 

How many jobs are available in metal fabrications? There are a lot of jobs. So if you are interested, you can apply for the position you prefer. 

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