Who is Neffeteria Pugh? Her Net Worth, Kids, Keyshia Cole’s Siblings

Neffeteria Pugh

Neffeteria Pugh is famously known for being the elder sister of Keyshia Cole. The reality recently came up in the headlines when their mother, Frankie Lons passed away due to a drug overdose. Surely, you must know of Keyshia. But, if you were wondering about who Neffeteria is, just keep reading. Yes, below is all you need to know about her.

Who is Neffeteria Pugh?

Neffeteria Pugh came into this world on 4th December 1979. She was born in California, the USA. Right now, she is 42 years old. Also, she has the nickname ‘Neffe’. On the other hand, nothing is available about her childhood or education. Yes, she rose to fame due to her appearance in many reality shows. Furthermore, in her Instagram account, she describes herself as an actress, author, and executive producer.

Marriage and kids of Neffeteria Pugh

Well, she was married to Shelby Lowry for nearly ten years. But, things didn’t work out for them and they got a divorce. Now, Neffe looks after children Brianna, Ciara, JayLann, Nayla, and Star. Surely, you can say that she loves her kids very much. On the other hand, you can say that she has become an inspiration to many celebrities and individuals who want to have many kids. Right now, she is a single mom.

Relationship with her Keyshia Cole’s Siblings

Keyshia Cole’s Siblings

Some rumours are circulating that Neffe and Keyshia are not on good terms. Apparently, the reason for them not getting along is that her sister didn’t come to the wedding. However, her sister claimed that work came at the time of the wedding which made her miss out on it.

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Neffeteria Pugh’s books

As you saw before, she is an author of famous books. In 2009, she penned My happiness in my sanity. Later, she wrote the price I paid in 2012. Yes, both of her books contain the challenges she had while being with a famous celebrity as her sibling. Also, there she discusses her management of stress present in both family and career.

The net worth of Neffeteria Pugh

Well, Neffeteria has not made her salary public. But, you can guess that she does get a good amount of money because she is one of the richest TV personalities born in California. Of course, most of her income comes from her popular reality shows. Next, due to her successful books, you can expect that to add to her income. Furthermore, she has her own lipstick line. So, when adding all of that, you can expect her net worth to be around 2 million dollars.

Another sister of Neffe, Elite Noel

In their family, the eldest is Neffeteria Pugh. Next, comes the middle daughter Keyshia Cole. Finally, the youngest daughter is Elite Noel. Elite came into this world in July 1985. Also, she is a rapper, songwriter, and singer. Of course, she excels in more than one field. In fact, when you see her Instagram account, she describes herself as the founder of the page Futuristicsoul and co-CEO of a makeup brand Klub Kosmetics.

Yes, she is an adopted daughter in her family. Neffe’s parents adopted her when she was just 3 months old. And, she only came to know the truth when she was 11 years of age.

That’s all there is about Neffeteria Pugh. Surely, she is an inspiration for many individuals and celebrities out there.

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