Where is Alexis Maas today? Things About Johnny Carson’s Widow

Alexis Maas

One of the few famous spouses whose husbands remain well-known even years after their deaths is Alexis Maas. She was the fourth wife of the late talk show host and TV broadcaster Johnny Carson. It has been more than 15 years since Carson’s passing but Alexis still maintains a significant presence in the media. Many wonder about her life now that her husband has passed away and whether they had children. So where is Alexis Maas today? This article promises us a peek at the life of the troubled celebrity. 

Early Life

Alexis Maas was born in 1952 in Pittsburgh to a fairly wealthy family. As of now she is 71 and the sign of her zodiac is Cancer. With such incredible astrological credentials it is perfectly understandable why she has achieved such success when it comes to husbands. A wealthy husband makes a lot of things easier for such women. History bears witness to an inordinate number of women who married into rich families and had not a care in the world. Maas is precisely like this and critics have often commented on this aspect of her life. 

Early Life

A Wealthy Marriage

As previously mentioned, Alexis Maas became widely known when she married Johnny Carson. Their wedding took place on June 20 1987 at Johnny’s Malibu beach house and it was officiated by Judge William P. To avoid excessive attention they had a relatively private wedding ceremony. Dick Carson who is Johnny’s brother, served as the best man. According to a close source the couple decided to keep their marriage very private. Such marriages always attract a lot of attention in the public and theirs was no different. Readers found a lot of things to gossip about in their relationship. 

Johnny Carson was a rather private individual so he didn’t want their wedding to attract any attention. After their wedding the couple went to England. They also embarked on a Mediterranean honeymoon during which Carson is rumored to have spent a substantial amount of money. According to reports  they spent $6.5 million on their honeymoon. Can you imagine someone with that kind of money on a luxury trip around the world? Carson and Maas went on a cruise to cement their relationship and had a lot of fun together. People commented on the amount of money they spent but it was their business anyway. 

Age in Just A Number

Marriages with big age differences don’t always go well but Alexis and Johnny had a relatively smooth relationship. When they wed Alexis was 35 and Johnny was 61 which drew some media attention due to the age gap. The readers may note that they remained happily married for over 20 years and their marriage ended only when Johnny passed away in 2005. Such devotion and love is very surprising to find in this age and time. Paparazzi really loved their marriage and also kept snapping pictures of their couple every now and then.

Age in Just A Number

A Lavish Life

Not everyone gets the chance to live a life like Alexis did. She enjoyed being the wife of a famous TV celebrity and had a very fulfilling life. Johnny being a renowned TV personality  owned multiple luxurious properties. His mansion at Malibu was exceptionally magnificent and the estate at Beverly Hills is very beautiful. Alexis was his wife and quite naturally got to spend a lot of time at all their properties. They also traveled to many various celebrity events together and were photographed by several famous photographers. One might even observe that several other celebrity couples also admire them a lot. 

Where is She Now?

Alexis undoubtedly had a wonderful 20 years with her late husband. But as the reader might know things seem to have shifted significantly since his passing. She chooses to live her life like a wealthy widow and it is really magnificent that she would choose to do this. Additionally she hasn’t ventured into the realm of social media by joining any platforms. According to reports Alexis shall not marry again even if she finds someone with more wealth than Carson. Readers must wait till relevant sections must be updated. 

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