5 Cause and Effect of Having Solar Panels at Home

Solar Panels

Did you know that the energy our planet receives from the sun in one hour is enough to meet our global energy demands for a year? Without a doubt, the sun is an incredible energy source even though we are yet to figure out how to harness a fraction of its energy. However, with the rapid improvement in solar technology, solar panels are increasingly making their presence felt in the world of power generation.

If you are contemplating installing solar panels for your home, perhaps you have experienced your fair share of solar marketing, whether through genuine companies, door-to-door salespeople, or spammy ads. Making the best decision for your home’s energy needs requires dispelling the commonly propagated solar myths and acknowledging the reality of installing a residential solar power system. Here are five effects of having solar panels at home.

1. Individual Environmental Responsibility

Arguably, the most widespread attribute of solar energy is its representation of green, sustainable sources of energy. Installing a residential solar power system is an excellent way of becoming more environmentally responsible and reducing your carbon footprint.

As you may already know, generating solar power produces no emissions, e.g., greenhouse gases, and besides occasionally using clean water for optimal functionality, solar panels require no additional resources. Solar energy is safe, eco-friendly, and self-sufficient. Installing solar panels at home will set you on a path to sustainable living.

2. Off-the-Grid Living

Generally, the more solar technology advances, the cheaper it becomes to acquire and install solar panels. If not for anything else, this should be a sufficient reason to invest in solar energy. Traditional electricity typically relies on fossil fuels, e.g., natural gas and coal, that are harmful to the environment and limited in supply. This translates to market volatility, where energy prices fluctuate depending on the availability of fossil fuels.

Solar electricity, on the other hand, can provide electricity independence. Installing a 4 kW solar system (one of the most popular domestic sizes) can hedge you against unexpected surges in utility prices, all while enjoying cheap electricity as long as the sun shines. Besides the energy security you get, the sun never increases its rates.

Technically, you can achieve energy independence after installing solar panels that match your home’s energy demands. Coupling it with the right battery storage can help you remain connected during the nighttime and on rainy days.

3. Save on Utility Bills

As mentioned earlier, the sun gives us more energy than any of our current technology could ever harness. In addition, no single entity can monopolize the sun’s energy. If properly installed, you will begin to save money on utility bills the moment you turn on your solar power system. However, the benefits of solar power become more apparent in the long run. The sooner you install solar panels, the faster you get to enjoy free energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

Besides generating electricity, solar energy has another often unsung application. You can install a solar thermal system alongside your solar panels to generate heat for your home using the sun’s energy. Solar thermal systems work by harnessing solar energy, converting it into heat, and transferring it into your home as space heating or hot water.

4. Earn Money from Your Investment

Thanks to several spectacular solar incentives in Australia, you can use your solar panels to generate profit in addition to paying off the cost of investment through utility bill savings. For instance, Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) allow you to make money through qualifying solar panels, solar/wind power systems, and solar hot water purchases whenever you sell the RECs.

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Essentially, RECs are a type of renewable energy currency. You can trade your RECs for cash based on your certificate’s current value and earn both short-term and long-term returns from your investment.

5. Increased Home Value

Numerous studies have revealed that solar panels can increase the resale value of a home. On average, for each solar watt you install, your home’s value increases by $4. This implies that a domestic sized 5 kW system could potentially boost your home’s value by $20,000. Having solar panels could make you earn more profit on your home if you decide to sell it in the future.

Final Thoughts

The effects of installing solar panels for your home are too appealing to ignore. Solar energy is a relatively affordable, low-risk investment with huge potential returns. Make your transition today with Gold Coast Energy, the leading solar panels gold coast installer. Gold Coast Energy offers all the solar solutions you need to live more sustainably under one roof.