Know Interesting Facts About Hendrix Hart The Son Of Kevin Hart

Hendrix Hart

Many people love Kevin Hart because he is hilarious. He is a great comedian who is entertaining his fans with his body language and dialogue deliveries. Plus he is also an excellent actor. He has a cute son named Hendrix Hart. He is the pride of his father because Kevin Hart has talked about him lovingly many times in interviews. Now he is focusing on his studies and does not come often into the limelight. But still, people like to know about his life. Are you eager to know about Hendrix Hart? Have a look at some of the interesting details about Hendrix Hart. 

What is Hendrix Hart’s age? 

Hendrix Hart’s birth date is November 8, 2007, so his age is fifteen years. His mother threw a large party for her son’s tenth birthday that created a lot of sensation in the media. She arranged a ninja and samurai-themed party as Hendrix loves it. This shows that his mother loves him very much. 

Further, Hendrix is also the apple of his father’s eye. Kevin Hart jokes about everything else but he never jokes about his son. 

Who are his family?

Hendrix Hart is the son of Kevin Hart a popular comedian and actor. His father started his career as a stand-up comedian and came to a long distance to become an actor and make it big in Hollywood. He is forty-three years old now.

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His mother’s name is Torrei Hart. She is an actress, producer and a popular TV personality. But she and Kevin Hart divorced because of incompatibility. She also claimed that her husband was cheating on her so she was not able to live with him. During their married life, they had two kids Heaven Leigh Hart and then Hendrix Hart. Heaven is two years elder than Hendrix and she is a great sister to him. Their parents have joint custody to look after them. 

Further, Hendrix Hart’s father is now married to Eniko Parrish. Hart admitted to cheating on his wife while she was pregnant with their son born in 2017. But still, Parrish forgave him and had a daughter with him in 2020. 

Where does Hendrix Hart live? 

Hendrix Hart lives with his family in the United States. He splits his time between his birth mother’s home and his father’s and stepmother’s home. Plus he welcomed his stepbrother Kenzo Kash Hart into the family with open arms. It seems they both spend a lot of time together. Eniko Parrish also looks after her stepkids with the same love she shows her kids. So he is growing up in a loving environment. 

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Further Kevin Hart once shared in an interview that he is worried about his son’s sexual orientation. He thinks that his son may come out as gay in the future. Many people after hearing his comments accused him of being homophobic and not encouraging his son. But he told that he has the natural worries of a father and it is not wrong. 

What is his net worth? 

Hendrix Hart’s father Kevin Hart is one of the richest men in the industry. The money pours into the family because Hart is an actor, producer and also a shrewd entrepreneur. He has lots of business up his sleeve and has invested in some profitable ventures. He has a whopping net worth of about $450 million. 

So Hendrix Hart is a lucky man because he comes from a rich family. But his father may want him to stand on his leg when he gets big. 

End thoughts 

Hendrix Hart is the adorable teenage son of the popular comedian and actor Kevin Hart. His family loves him to bits. 

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