How to Write an Essay: Step-By-Step Guide

Write an Essay
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For many high school and college students, the thought of writing an essay alone is scary for them. The idea behind putting pen to paper to write an essay is one they don’t understand and hate. So, they often feel intimidated by others who write their essays beautifully. If you’re reading this article, there’s a high chance that you’re one of these students. You may not be as bad as described, but you’re not good enough at essay writing and want to improve your skill. 

In writing essays, you need to understand the basic steps involved, and you’ll be equipped to write on almost all topics. Unlike you’re thinking, paper writing can be straightforward if you know the steps to take. The truth is, everyone needs to learn how to write an essay. It is a crucial skill that you will need throughout your life. Being able to organize the ideas in your head into words and write those down in well-constructed sentences will help you later in the future when you have to write marketing materials, company memos, or business letters for your organization. 

Now that you know how important learning to write an essay is, these are the steps to follow when writing an essay. 

write an essay

1. Determine the essay type you’re writing.

There are different types of essays, such as expository, argumentative, narrative, literary, persuasive and comparative essays. It is possible that your lecturer or instructor wasn’t specific about which essay type you’re writing, and you have to determine this by yourself. In some cases, the title you’re writing on gives an idea of the essay type you’re writing. For instance, if you’re telling a story or presenting an overview about the topic, that’s a narrative essay, but if you’re providing analysis, that’s an expository essay. In some cases, you may need to convince your reader to take any action or about the point of view; that’s a persuasive essay. Finally, while with literary essays, you write about a book you read. So, the first thing to do is determine the essay type you’re to write. 

2. Create your outline

Your outline is the roadmap for your essay. This is a step that many students miss, and that’s why they get stuck midway through and find it easy to complete their essays. Creating a solid outline is one of the first things that essay writers at essay writing service do when writing essays for students. This is why they can come up with the best essays for students across different academic levels. 

Your essay outline is your guide from the start to the end of the essay. It helps to organize your thoughts and makes your essay more meaningful. You can create an outline by writing the essay topic out first and listing all the points you’ll be discussing in the essay in order. Lastly, include statistics and examples to support your points.

3. Write your introduction

Every essay must start with an excellent introduction in the first paragraph. Not only does it introduce the topic of the essay, but it also provides direction for the remainder of the essay. Your introduction should mention the main idea behind the essay, what it is about, and the points to support your thesis. 

The introduction is a crucial part of your essay because it determines if your readers will proceed to read the body of the essay or not. With a good introduction, you’ll be setting the tone for the remaining parts of the essay and also grabbing the attention of your readers. One way to stir your reader’s interest is by making a bold or challenging (but factual) statement about the topic in your introduction. 

4. Write the essay body.

This central part of the essay includes all the points you’re making in the essay in different paragraphs. It is the part of the essay where you explain all the points mentioned in the introduction. You can start each point with a sentence to summarize the point before explaining why the sentence is true in detail. Don’t forget to support your point with facts, statistics, examples, and quotes. 

5. Conclusion 

This is the final part of the essay where you bring your argument to a close. This part of the essay reiterates the main point you’re passing in not more than four sentences. Ensure that the final sentence upholds the main idea of the essay compellingly. The concluding part of the essay is not the place to introduce new points or arguments. You’re rounding off the whole discussion instead. Ensure to take it one step at a time. In some cases, people write their essays from the back, starting with a conclusion. Do what works for you. 


Essay writing is pretty straightforward if you know the steps described in this article. Ensure to write rough drafts of your essay first to improve your delivery and perfect the essay. Then proofread your final draft before submitting it. 

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