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Some Introductory Details

You might have heard about iFunTV. In fact, if you are a Chinese citizen, then this name would definitely sound very familiar to you. However, for those who do not know, let me tell you that it is a TV broadcast service, specifically designed for Chinese people who live abroad. It owes its origin to Chinese companies, who did not want the Chinese population living abroad to get deprived of the fun of watching Chinese shows. Therefore, in this sense, this platform is similar to other platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix and Apple TV. You can watch a wide variety of dramas, reality shows, films and other video content on this platform.

As far as the origin of the iFun TV is concerned, let me inform you further that it appeared first in the year 2019. It appeared with the Domain name iFun.tv. In fact, this platform came as a great boost for the Chinese global community. It also launched a cross-platform web application version like the iFunTV iOS app, iFuntv android app and a desktop version. 

Therefore, if you wish to know more about this particular TV broadcast service, then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know more about iFunTV.

iFunTV App Download: 

iFunTV App Download

Some Introductory IFuntv Review

Some Introductory Details
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We know that iFun TV is primarily an internet company that is founded by and also serves overseas Chinese. In fact, all the versions of this TV broadcast service are very easy to use, friendly and handy. To provide users with HD and smooth video services, the company has implemented numerous cutting-edge technologies. 

In fact, the library of iFunTV is really largely varied with more than 15,000+ domestic, European and American hits, variety shows, animations and much more. It has a maximum capacity of up to 2PB.In addition, the professional update team of this company works 24×7 to provide a seamless service. 

However, the platform was discontinued lately. Later, it was replaced by ifvod.tv, which offered similar kinds of services. At present, the iyf. tv is a fully functional platform, serving millions of Chinese people living abroad. 

The Offerings

The Offerings
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In matters of service offerings, the iFunTV is similar to  Amazon Prime, Netflix and Apple TV. After all, it is a web-based video content application. In fact, there is a huge number of the Chinese population living abroad in the Americas, Europe and the middle east. Therefore, this service aims to provide the overseas Chinese population with a wide variety of Chinese TV shows, News, Entertainment, Cartoons, Fashion Shows, and Technology shows. 

In fact, you can watch the shows for free and there is also a premium subscription. The issue with the free service is that every 15 to 20 minutes advertisements will start playing, thereby interrupting the continuity of the viewing experience. Moreover, these ads are non-skippable. On the other hand, the premium membership of iFun TV lets you watch without limits and also without ads. You can also enjoy higher picture quality with that subscription. You can also download shows. The apps are available for download from the official website. 

Concluding Lines

Therefore, for the overseas Chinese population, iFun TV is a great online platform for watching a huge collection of Chinese and other shows as well as movies. However, you will not get this app on the PlayStore. It was available earlier. 

There are also some alternatives to iFunTV, like Bedtime TV, CCTV Media Network and some others. However, they are not equal to this platform.

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