Keep an RV Cool on the Road this Summer


Even with the most powerful AC unit, an RV Cool can heat up quickly during summer days. While fun in the sun is a top priority during the summer season, getting away from the harsh rays and heat can be even more important for health. Avoid leaving the door open on your Rv Fridge for relief and instead follow some simple tips on staying cool in an RV. From taking advantage of your surroundings to choosing snack options to cool down, there are plenty of ways to stay comfortable during your entire camping trip.

RV Cool

Awning and Shade Rooms | RV Cool

The beating rays of the sun are the biggest contributor to overheating during the summer. Creating shade can block the sun while also taking advantage of breezes as they blow through. With the open air, RV travellers can get relief from stagnant, hot air while enjoying the outdoors. Being with nature is part of the draw in RVing so it makes sense to experience the benefit of RVs while getting a needed break from the heat.

Cook Outside

If you’re going to cook, it should be done outside. Creating heat indoors will only add to how hot the RV is and increase the internal temperature. Using the microwave won’t create too much warmth, but it makes more sense to either cook outdoors or partake in cold foods. In fact, cold foods can help to lower your body temperature anyway. Plus, a fruit platter, green salad, sandwiches, and pasta salads will feel like a picnic, which can be fun for the whole family. Keeping drinks and cold food in your RV fridge will help cool down temperatures and keep everyone feeling refreshed.

Jump in Water

Depending on where you decide to set up camp, there are natural cool-down options outside. A natural body of water can be a fun activity that cools down body temperatures, leading to a more comfortable day on the road. If there isn’t a natural body of water, there is likely a pool or other water activity nearby. Not only will it help against the heat, but it will also be another happy memory from your RV trip.

Go Somewhere Cool

One of the biggest advantages of RV trips is the ability to relocate. If you’re too hot this summer, just go somewhere else. In fact, it could be a good idea to plan a trip to somewhere cooler, to begin with. After all, one of the best things to do during the summer heat is to escape it. If you like cooler temperatures, it could be one of the best reasons to own an RV during the summertime.

The Pacific Northwest offers great options in natural sites and hiking all without humidity. While Seattle and Portland are known for their rainy climates, it isn’t as much the case during the summer. The skies mostly clear up with only some showers here and there, much like other locations. On the other hand, the temperatures stay within a very manageable range. Even the same temperatures of other areas feel a lot cooler with the lack of humidity and the addition of mountain air.

While an RV can heat up quickly, it’s actually one of the best tools to stay cool during the summer. Make sure to check your RV for leaks and issues before heading out on your trip. If you find something is broken or you want to make an upgrade to get the most out of your RV, check out today. The website has a huge inventory of items that can make the RV life even more comfortable than being at home.

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