Good Friday 2022: The History And Reason Behind It

Good Friday 2022

Good Friday 2022 is observed on 15 April 2022. It is a Friday that is an holyday for a few groups among Christendom. Good Friday falls in April month every year. Christendom follows the Georgian calendar to mark this day. 

There are lots of rituals that many churches follow for this day. Many churches practice a fast on this day. Christians believe that it is a day of mourning. Further, some section Christians observe this occasion as Jesus Christ was crucified death. Let us see more facts and the significance of this day. 

The observation of Good Friday 2022 

Good Friday occurs on a different day every year. On Friday 2022, the day falls on 15 April. Also, the next day following Good Friday is Easter which occurs on the Full moon. The marking of these dates is by Georgian calendars. 

Moreover, the day before Easter is always Good Friday among sections of Christianity. In many countries, this day is a government Holiday

Significance of the day 

The Holy week among sections Christians includes Good Friday and Easter. It is a day when Jesus Christ died for the sins of people. He did this act of love to free people from their sin and death. Christians around the world observe this day. According to the bible, some Christians choose to observe the day which Jesus told them to do in remembrance of him. 

Further, before his death, Jesus did a Passover meal with his disciples. It is a day directly quoted in the Bible as Jesus said to observe it. Lord’s evening meal is the only occasion recorded in the bible that helps to show gratitude for his sacrifice. Besides, there are no records of the term Good Friday in the scriptures. Sections in Christianity started to observe it on an unscriptural basis due to the influence of Roman culture. 

Famous practices on Good Friday 

Christians fast and pray on Good Friday. There are no celebrations on this day. Further, mourning and grieving are popular practices on this day. Good Friday and the following Saturday mostly include fasting. However, Sunday is Easter day for Christians that is the resurrection day of Christ. Also, the roots of Easter are from the 8th century. Even though not originating from the scriptures, Christians worldwide celebrate it as Christ’s resurrection day. 

Furthermore, most of the traditions of Easter are related to Goddess Eostre. It is a fertility goddess. Also, most of the practices of Easter signify this goodness. Due to this, Easter includes eggs, rabbits, Hares and more. There are many more traditions on Good Friday. Let us take a look at the other traditions related to it. 

The festivals related to it 

Many parts of Christendom believe that the whole week before Easter is Holy week. Some of the names related to Good Friday are Palm Sunday, Holy Monday, Holy Tuesday, Spy Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. Even after the following days of Easter, there are few traditions. Some of the festivals relating to Good Friday are as follows. 

Maundy Thursday 

As the fifth day of the week, it is also an holyday for a few groups of Christians. The day signifies the act of Jesus washing his disciples’ feet. In 2022 it occurs on 14 April. 

Good Friday 

The day of Jesus’ suffering at stake is a sign of this day. As the sixth day of Holy week, it is celebrated worldwide. In 2022 it occurs on 15 April. 

Holy Saturday 

Holy Saturday is a Sabbath or Hallelujah day. It falls between Easter and Good Friday. In 2022 it occurs on 16 April.