Fun Facts About The App Talking Angela That You Are Unaware Of

Talking Angela

Have you heard about the urban legend surrounding Talking Angela? It was an app that was popular at first but it started to ask questions to children that parents thought were creepy. It asks many details from the kids and also many children became an addict. They spoke with Angela thinking that it was a real person. So many parents did not find it appropriate and safe as the app had a paedophile ring to it. But we cannot say for sure whether these allegations against the app were true or not. If you want to know more about the Talking Angela find the details here. 

Talking Angela is a chatterbox app 

According to the sources, Talking Angela is a chatterbox app by Slovenian studio Outfit7. It is part of the Talking Tom & Friends series. Also, the successor of this app is the My Talking Angela app. It is one of the popular apps because after the hoax about the apps circulated on the internet it became even more famous. Many people started to use the app for fun and they were also curious to know what questions it had. 

The rumour of the Paedophile hoax 

In February 2014 Talking Angela app became a subject of discussion because of an internet hoax about it. The app started to encourage children to reveal personal details to them.  Also, the rumour was widely circulated on Facebook that the paedophiles used the Talking Angela app to know the details of the children and locate them. This scary news made the parents afraid. 

When the children used the text chat feature of the app, Angela asks lots of personal questions like what do you do for fun? and also other creepy questions. Many rumours further claimed that the hackers can see the children using the camera on Angela’s eyes. This rumour was also claimed to be true by the Youtubers and also many people who used Angela. 

The rumour was later debunked

When the rumours started to become serious the fact-checking website debunked the rumours. The owner of the site Barbara and David Mikkelson said that they prompted the app to ask for sexually explicit answers but it did not give it. But 

Angela does indeed ask the user’s age, name and personal preferences to converse with them when the child mode is off. The developer Outfit7 shared that the details collected are “anonymized” and the personal information is removed from it. Further, it is also impossible for a person to control the questions Angela asks because the app works with chatbot software. 

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Talking Angela rumours spread again

In 2015 many rumours about the Talking Angela spread again on Facebook. Then the companies like Sophos and The Guardian proved that it was false again. The employee of Sophos Paul Ducklin said that “close to 600 rambling, repetitious words, despite claiming at the start that it didn’t have words to describe the situation. It’s ill-written, and borders on being illiterate and incomprehensible”. 

Plus, Bruce Wilcox one of the programmers in the game attributed the show’s popularity to the aspect of the chatbox in Talking Angela being very realistic. 

Impact of the Talking Angela scare 

After the rumours of Talking Angela, many people wanted to know what it was all about. So curious people downloaded the game and began to use it. Therefore it boosted the game’s popularity. It became one of the top ten apps on the iPhone. In 2017 Outfit7 took off the chat feature after the rumour of a paedophile hoax. 


Talking Angela is still played by many people who like to talk with Angela the cat. It asks many questions and also answers back.

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